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Will this PSU run my system and my 4850X2 ? I will be running 1 monitor, and I would like to utilize both of the cards to the fullest performance they can give.


On a Quad Core/ CrossFire System:

700W PSU, 4x18A 12V Rails

It says that it is CrossFire ready, but I'm afraid it won't have enough power, as the Sapphire website tells me that I should have at least a 1000W Power Supply.


If not, can somebody please direct me to a cheap (Under $150) PSU that is at least 1000W and is ATX, has all the proper connectors, etc.?

PC Specs: NEW_PC_BUILD.doc

Also, are the 4850X2 and the 700W OCZ PSU even compatible with the available PCI-E connectors?

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Ok first of all, you need to stop making topics about the same PC over and over. You've already got the "My New Computer" topic not to mention 10 other ones that you could of posted in the same topic.


Try that.

Yeah, that would put me back over budget by a bit, so you're sure that the 700W won't work?

And I'm gonna say no to that one, it only has 1 12V Rail internally, and has gotten bad reviews about not even being able to push 800W.

And I may have to downgrade something else, because my PC is at $2,115 right now. If I buy my speakers prior to the build, I'll be at $1,990. $10 left in budget. Since the 700W PSU was only $60, theoretically I can afford a PSU of $70, and you cannot get a good 1000W PSU with that. I may be able to push my Dad into $2,050, but barely even wants to spend $2,000 at the moment.

So I guess for now, I have to find a good 1000W PSU with at least 4 25A 12V Rails for under $120. Ha.

I'm also in another dillemma called my PC will be plugged into a 15A outlet, in which we also have many other things plugged into, such as my Monitor, speakers, printer, Router, External CD Drive, and probably other stuff too because I don't know what else in on the circuit.

EDIT: Found this PSU, looks great, perfect fit, but really expensive. it'll bring my budget up to $2,170 even without the speakers. Perhaps I'll save up my $5/week allowance and pay for the distance it goes over $2k.


However, I still have the problem about the wall-current. Especially since this once draws 15A. Major problem. Maybe I'll plug it into a circuit where there's nothing else plugged in using a really long extension cord.

Can somebody give me a compatibility check with my Case, etc.? It says it supports Dual-Core CPU. Will it support Quad-Core? It looks like it should, but I want to be sure.

EDIT: Screw this, I'm gonna stay with the 700W and find a good single-card GPU. For lack of budget.

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