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Your most favorite GTA game.


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  1. 1. Your most favorite GTA game.

    • GTAIII
    • GTA: Vice City
    • GTA: San Andreas
    • GTA: Liberty City Stories
    • GTA: Vice City Stories
    • GTA: Advance
    • GTAIV
    • GTA: Chinatown Wars
    • GTAI
    • GTAII
    • GTA London
    • GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned

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My favourite is gta san andreas.Because in it,we can fly airplanes.The only gta game to allow to fly an airplane.And one more thing,it doesn't show one city,it shows the whole state.The strong language made it a bit great.Also,we can go to clothing stores and buy clothes and eat food from restraunts.San andreas is a exciting game.I have completed it so many times.Nothing can beat san andreas.Unless,gta 5 is released!!

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San Andreas.

I loved the game world it was in, the setting, the characters, the vehicles, the minigames, the only bad thing about it was you had to eat.

But the game has so many fun features to it, it's probably my favorite game.

But TBOGT has become a close second, I like drug wars. Very fun.

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