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This is how to change TV stations in GTA IV

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U tho its impossible? Then u suck xD I watched whole I, Robot movie inside the game, trust me, its amazing.

Here is how:

1. Download Bink: http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm

2. Install it (like u didnt knew it...)

3. Open C:\Program Files\RADVideo\radvideo.exe

4. Choose a video and hit "Bink It!" button

Notice that conversion takes much time, so dont convert files in HD or DVD resolution cause ur gonna wait for it big time...

You can acutally, but i reccomend to do it only with short trailers or some short vids. Best resolution for converting is youtube video resolution.

Ok let's finish this:

5. Go to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\movies

As you can notice, there are 2 programs: CNT.bik and weazel.bik

static and static_nosound show up only in older TV's. burgershot_nosound.bik never shows.

6. Rename your .bik video to 1 of channels u want, example: CNT.bik

7. Replace your video with one in GTA IV's movies folder.

8. Go ingame and watch TV :D

Hope you like this, its just amazing.

[CORRECTION] I said I was first to find this, actually Im not :S I just found out some guy already found it on other forums :S I didnt actually saw sumone posting a tutorial, but guys in GTA Forums told me that there is 1... I think they just jelaous xD jk, enjoy editing TV :D

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Well, I, robot movie was there just for fun, I wouldnt actually watch all my movies in game, its lame.

And another thing, this tutorial doesnt rly goes only for movies... why not adding some nice stunt videos in game, for those who dont wanna minimize and go to youtube searching for the same when want to watch it? There is no limit for time you can add to TV, you can add as many videos as you want in 1 channel.

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My brother, thanks for this information, and this is really working, but why the video on tv do not have a sound..??

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