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Should my mom sue the school board? For kicking me out before end of grade testings?



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  1. 1. Should my mother sue the school board?

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....Just stfu and get in and get out......

Believe it or not you figured that out. Sometimes you just have to put up w/ something you think is crap far awhile,

but eventually it's over & you get on w/ your life. That philosophy will serve you well in life.

As for screwing around in class, hitting people & not doing your schoolwork, you kind of did that to yourself. I won't

bore you w/ the standard "If the Finklestein kid jumped into a wood chipper would you" lecture, but, if the Finklestein


You've been busted enough times that even when you do small things you get busted when someone else just gets a

warning. The school just looks at your record & decides not to waste time on you. They're tired of being treated like

free babysitters.

What you can do is start taking school serious & try to learn. It'll take work & time to turn things around, but you should

be able to do it.

Glad to hear they're willing to let you make up the test, use that your advantage & good luck.

Yea I was going to my friends house after school and he told me to bring lucky charms then I got hungry in 2nd period and shes like PUT THOSE FUCKING LUCKY CHARMS AWAY and I'm like noooo, sad face :(

Did you bring enough to share?

Teacher took them all and I found out that she was eating them in her next period class from my cousin

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