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MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

Your top 5 Most Favorite Gang.

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Hey guys! It's time to know your fave. gangs out of the streets of the GTA series.

Gang List to guide you:

Gambetti Family

Pavano Family

Ancelotti Family

Messina Family

Lupisella Family

Pegorino Family

Leone Mafia Family

Sindacco Mafia Family

Forelli Mafia Family

Grove Street Families

Vance Crime Family

Irish Mob(The McReary Crime Family)

Russian Bratva: Faustin Crew/ Rascalov Crew

Russian Bratva:Petrovic Crew

Russian Bratva: Eastern European Drug Crew


Albanian Mob

Korean Mob

The Sicilian Mafia

Trailer Park Mafia


Uptown Riders


Da Nang Boys

Vercetti Gang (Vice Colombians)

Diaz's Gang (Vice Colombians)



Security Guards

Hillside Posse



Angels of Death MC

The Lost MC


Liberty Triads

Liberty(GTAIV) Triads

San Fierro Triads:Mountain Cloud Boys Triads

San Fierro Triads: Red Gecko Tong Triads

San Fierro Triads: Blood Feather Triads

North Holland Hustlers

East Holland Drug Crew

Colombian Cartel

Torres Cartel

Mendez Cartel



Southside Hoods: Purple Nines

Southside Hoods: Red Jacks

Los Cabrones( Cubans)

San Fierro Rifa

Los Santos Vagos

Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers

The Spanish Lords

Varrios Los Aztecas

Avenging Angels(?)

Gangs which were featured in a small amount of time or in a mission:

Mexican Arms Dealers

Vice Triads

Jewish Mob

Costa Rican Gang

Cortez Crew

Gonzalez's Crew

Liberty Bikers

Counterfeit Syndicate

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