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What is your Computer's Base Score?

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Ok, here's what to do. Go to the control panel and click on Performance Information and Tools. Take the test and see what your computer comes up with. (this only applies to Vista users I believe)

What do the base score numbers mean?

1 to 2:

A computer with a base score of 1 or 2 usually has sufficient performance to do most general computing tasks, such as run office productivity applications and search the Internet. However, a computer with this base score is generally not powerful enough to run Windows Aero, or the advanced multimedia experiences that are available with Windows Vista.


A computer with a base score of 3 is able to run Windows Aero and many new features of Windows Vista at a basic level. Some of the new Windows Vista advanced features might not have all of their functionality available. For example, a machine with a base score of 3 can display the Windows Vista theme at a resolution of 1280 × 1024, but might struggle to run the theme on multiple monitors.

4 to 5:

A computer with a base score of 4 or 5 is able to run all new features of Windows Vista with full functionality, and it is able to support high-end, graphics-intensive experiences, such as multiplayer and 3‑D gaming and recording and playback of HDTV content. Computers with a base score of 5 were the highest performing computers available when Windows Vista was released.

My Base Score was 5.0 (based on lowest subscore)


My Processor was 5.1

My Ram was 5.0 (3GB of Ram)

My Graphics was 5.9 (NVIDIA 8600GT)

My Gaming Graphics was 5.4

My Primary Hard Disk was 5.0

This is just for fun and for people to show off their computers :P. I'm very pleased with my results seeing as my processor and graphics exceed the highest mark!

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Well, I don't have Vista, but let me estimate what mine would be:

Processor 1.7 (AMD Athlon 64 2800+)

RAM 0.2 (512MB DDR 400)

Graphics -349.8 (64 MB Onboard Shit)

Gaming Graphics -(Sorry, the number won't fit on the page)

Primary Hard Disk 0.5 (80GB ATA100 Shit)

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The vast majority of Windows users prefer not to use Vista in favor of XP. It goes on the old principle of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Someone obviously doesn't have a computer which can run it well...

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Yeah, don't go and say it sucks because if you got a pretty decent PC you can run it flawlessly like me and Mpilk at least.

Windows Vista Scores and subscores:

Base: 5.1


Processor: 5.9

Memory: 5.4

Graphics (Aero Performance): 5.1

Graphics (Gaming): 5.2

Hard Drive Performance: 5.8

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