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Post your mugshots v3!

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and cock buldge appeals more to gay men than it does to women so it wouldn't even work for that reason :P

While it may appeal to some gay men, where I live, the women that <3 it vastly outweighs that so ;D Pics soon. I bought some new clothes etc

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Lucky you then. But also, I don't hang out with anyone who wears skinny jeans so I'd look like an outcast of the group :P

Either way I still find them uncomfortable.

I'm eagerly awaiting Llama's shoop of me. Well actually I'm dreading it, I knew this would happen one day. Every GTA webmaster who posts his pic generally ends up with himself getting shooped everywhere, some of you may remember the infamous Zidane shoops around the pre-release time of SA... good times. :P

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