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Urbanoutlaw's TLAD notes

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I'll start adding my notes on TLAD here as I compile them. Feel free to copy & print these off

There's a few good rewards to be had, bikes & weapons at your disposal, several bikes & weapons will spawn at

your active club houses, bikes can be had by calling Clay & weapons from Jim. Terry can sell you weapons from

his van (similar to Little Jacob) as they become available in the game.

Bati 800 - Deliver 10 bikes to Angus, it's parked at the club house & available from Clay. Personal choice for best

Sport bike.

Diablous - Parked at clubhouse initially, Brian's bike parked in save spot & after "Angels in America" call Clay.

Double T - Call Clay after "On the Pipe"

Hakachu (spelling?) - Big dog of the sport bikes, this Ninja bike is your reward for completing 12 Races.

Hellfury - Call Clay after "Action/Reaction"

Hexer - Johnny's bike, frequently given to you in missions & parked by the club house when you load your game.

Lycan - Call Clay, Jim or Terry for any activity & find one near where you meet them.

Innovation - Find all 50 seagulls & this bad animal is parked at your club house or call Clay. Personal choice for

best bike in game.

Revanent - Billy's bike in your save spot. Call Clay for one after "This Shit's Cursed".

Zombie - Call Clay after you complete "Liberty City Choppers". Jim rides a black one & they can be found after

gangwars. Climbs stairs easily & does a lot better on beaches than you would think. Best Chopper bike, I think

I'm going to build one.


Weapons: Call Jim for free weapons, found on the second floor of the main club house next to the pool table &

usually w/ full ammo, except for pipe bombs. Initially he has the Micro SMG (1200 rounds), Pistol (1500 rounds)

& Sawed Off Shotgun (160 rounds). Gangwar weapons are found in a small back room on the first floor of the club

next to the TV.

9MM Auto Pistol - Complete 20 gangwars for 1 w/ 30 rounds or call Jim after "Bad Cop Drop".

Carbine Assault Rifle (M4) Complete 30 gangwars & find one at the club house w/ 30 rounds.

Grenade Launcher - Billy gives you one one w/ 15 rounds for "Action/Reaction, at club after 50 gangwars. Stubbs

replaces it w/ an RPG for "Politics".

Sawed Off Shotgun - For the first time in any GTA I've played (all 3rd person) you start w/ a weapon, this bad animal

& 100 rounds of ammo. Hang onto it, it's the only shotgun you can use from your bike & it's a car killer (I've taken

out Linerunners w/ 2 shots). Call Jim for a full one, get one w/ 16 rounds for completing 10 gangwars.

Street sweeper - Elizabeta gives you one for "Heavy Toll" & it's at the club house after completing 40 gangwars.


Gangwar tactics: When you drive into the marker you have to be on a bike, but that doesn't mean you have to stay

on it. You'll have Clay, Jim & Terry riding w/ you, each has a prospect riding along & combined they have the IQ of

an igneous rock. Don't even bother trying to keep them alive, they'll only get you killed.

Know where you can get ammo & have it fully stocked! Same for health & armor.

You are not restricted to staying in an immediate area, take advantage of this to get health & armor when low.

As you complete gangwars they get progressively harder. The AIs get sneaky, find alleys, chase & try to outflank

you. Their numbers increase & they call in backup, usually slipping in behind you in a firefight.

Once you complete a gangwar any warrant you have is cleared, don't agitate the cops if you don't have to.

There are 3 types:

Enemy escorting vehicle - Have a Sawed Off for this & ignore the escorts, let the brothers worry about them. Just

concentrate on the target vehicle & hammer it w/ the sawed off, a few well places shots will take it out quickly. As

soon as you see flames back off. When it blows, pick up an extra $1000 or so dropped from the dead vehicle. An

RPG is good if the target vehicle gets stuck.

Enemy hanging out - They're concentrated in one area, you just need to go get them. Take the Street Sweeper if

you have one & the Carbine Assault Rifle. Most of these guys are already there but a few reinforcements will show

up. Use cover & snipe them w/ the M4 (press down on right stick to zoom while aiming), go for headshots but watch

your back. Catch a few hiding behind a car & you can clear them quickly w/ a Grenade or Pipe Bomb

Enemy on the move - This is the one that will most likely get you, especially above #30. Carbine Assault & Street

Sweeper are preferred w/ Pipe Bombs or Grenades. Catch up to their convoy & fire a few shots, then get the hell

out of there, they will chase you & have somewhere in mind where you can lead them. My favorite spot is an alley

where Niko had to blow up some vans, it has an AK w/ 80 rounds (if you have the M4 you can pick up ammo every

minute or so, just don't switch weapons) full health & if you go through a red door at the end you go up to the roof

for armor & a great sniping point for those that make it in & there's only one way in through a nice choke point. If

you spend a little time scouting you can find similar areas around the city. They spread out enough that you can take

them out a few at a time & get health (jump in an ambulance for a quick 50%) & armor.

I didn't catch what the first gangwar paid, but it increases as you go & by the time you get to 35 or so they pay

about $10,000 or so. You receive weapons at the main clubhouse next to the TV & 2nd clubhouse upstairs as follows -

10 gangwars = Sawed Off Shotgun & 16 rounds.

20 gangwars = 9MM Auto Pistol & 30 rounds

30 gangwars = M4 & 30 rounds.

40 gangwars = Street Sweeper & 30(?) rounds.

50 gangwars = Grenade Launcher & 4 rounds.

Will add more as I complete more gangwars.

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If you're into bikes, it's a "must have". Decent story & plenty of action, especially in the gangwars. The downside is

that it's only 23 or so missions, not counting races & gangwars. The upside is that if you like GTA4, you'll probably

like TLAD.

Speaking of races, if you're having trouble getting the "Get Good Wood" achievement, there's a trick. You hit "X" or

"B" to swing the bat left or right respectively during a race. Holding either button will charge your swing & that's the

trick to knocking other riders off. Sounds obvious, but if they don't tell you it might take awhile to figure out.

Note on savehouses - You only get two but all five of Niko's parking spots work so you can stash vehicles all over the

city (7 spots X 2 vehicles per spot) :D .

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Completed #70 earlier tonight, no further rewards above #50. There should be a decent achievement getting to 50,

it's a bitch.

If you walk out of the club house & go west to the intersection, look south for a 13 story apartment block (I think you

pick up one of Jim's first missions there). Keep track of that building, it has a PSG sniper rifle on the roof you can get

w/ a heli from the Alderney City Helipad. There's also a regular Sniper on top of a skinny tower on the north end of

Algonquin for more ammo. So far the enemy gangs have yet to be armed w/ a sniper but AKs & grenades become

more common.

As you get into the higher number gangwars, you'll find the Sniper useful to pick off enemies from a safe distance. In

"enemy hanging out" expect at least a dozen more people & they get aggressive. Hit the main group & run, drawing

the reinforcements away & lead them through narrow alleys to catch them. It's also a good idea to just forgo the street

sweeper for the advantage of the sawed off from your bike. Once they're spread out take them out a few at a time &

refill ammo, armor & health when possible.

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You made it to level 35 so you're doing something right. At about level 50 the reward tops out at $15000.

Once you complete your first 12 races they all pay $3250 & once you master the bikes of your choice they're easy $$$

A few rare bikes you can pick up along the way:

Angel & Deamon - Based on the Harley Sportster (engine & trans share a common housing) both are decent bikes on

pavement. They're not so good on sand so you'll want something different for beach races (it's doable but you'll cuss).

Once you get ahold of either of these they'll start to show up. If you take a gangwar against the AOD they'll be easy

to get & are great for Alderney City, Bohan Steps, Bohan Strip, NE Alderney, Schottler Station & Tudor Docks races.

Bati Custom - Same bike as the Bati 800 but w/ a pro racing paintjob. Have seen them for Al Dente, Redwood,

Sprunk & Texxon Oil. Almost as fast as the Double T, but more stable & better handling. Will completely dominate

any race on pavement.

Double T Custom - Feels like the basic Double T, just has a nice custom paintjob. Either version is a little squirrely

but fast & has insane acceleration in Races. Finish mission "Shifting Weight" & you'll find a Custom near the wrecked

cop car.

Nightblade & Wolfsbane - Both "classic" or "retro" Harleys (resembles the Freeway), they're great for cruising & hold

their own in races You randomly grab these for Angus doing "Export" bikes. You have a chance to grab them when

you help Random character Malcom. After the firefight (fairly easy) there are several of each sitting in the area.

You can get one of each by "leap frogging" to Playboy X's parking spot. Get on one & drive it 50 feet, then get the

other & drive 50 feet past the first one. As long as you don't go too far from the last bike you can do this to get both

to a parking spot.

Wayfarer - At first glance it looks like an Angle or Deamon but it's what bikers call a "Big Twin" (engine & trans are

separate). The only time I've seen these are in "Liberty City Choppers" where you steal several bikes w/ Jim. You

could try leap frogging but the easiest way to get one is to fail the mission & just take one to your parking spot.

Random characters: There's three that I've found, Dave Grossman, Malcom (twice) & Brian (depends on choice)

Dave Grossman - Find Dave outside the Lawyer's office where Niko had to kill the lawyer. Someone got something

on him & he needs you to "convince" them to leave it alone. Your Trusty Hexer spawns & you chase down the target

in his sports car t scare him. A clip or two from your SMG gets him to pull over & a cutscene shows you making your


Malcom (1) - Find him near the Pay 'n Spray in North Algonquin, he has a breakdown. You talk to him & his homie

Desean calls for help after being shot in a race. Follow Malc to the shootout, at the lockup where Niko & Packie

delivered a stolen truck for Ray. Take out a dozen or so lightly armed guys & find Nightblades & Wolfsbanes & pick

up any money they drop..

Malcom (2) - Find him near the first place he showed up & do a quick race to complete.

Brian - In "Bad Standing" you go to take him out. You get the option to spare him & if so he shows up a couple

blocks SE of the club house. He was supposed to leave town but didn't & now he promises to leave just as soon as

he "helps you save the club". Pick your favorite weapon & follow him on a bike to a courtyard in North Algonquin.

He leads you to an ambush (SURPRISE!). He takes off on foot up some stairs while 6 or 7 guys open up on you.

When you pull into the court yard, pull left & get cover behind the big car. Suggest the assault rifle & take out Brian

first, otherwise he can escape & cause you to fail the mission. Once Brian's down, finish of his henchmen & pick up

any money they drop ($500 or so?).

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Yeah, those first few were pretty easy, just used the Desert Eagle & all my guys lived back then.

Finished #90 last night & still no new rewards, I expect to hit #100 tonight & will call it good there.

Edit: Also the guys who throw grenades are hard. I usually dont spot the grenades before its too late :/

I noticed they tend to throw two, about a second apart, & they can throw about half a block. If you can get uphill from

them your grenade launcher has a little more range between initial launch & rolling. Land one under a car for a great


Also, on "Escorting Vehicle" missions, stick close to the target vehicle when it catches on fire. When it blows it'll drop

about $1000 at the spot where it blows up.

Remember, you have a bike & most of the enemies are in cars. When they chase you ride through alleys & other

obstacles to hang them up & break them up into more manageable groups. The AOD are mostly on bikes but use

a few Slamvans that can get stuck in narrow alleys.

Rare Car: Slamvan - Styled after a mid '50 Ford Panel Truck. Terry sells you weapons out of one (locked) & the

AOD use them in gangwars, perfect opportunity to capture.

When I have a chance I'll compile this into .RAR file & get some maps of useful things like armor, health & weapons.

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I've been researching this for my site which has just gone up and I have to say that it looks juicy. It ADDS things to your current game (like expansion packs) instead of just making a new seperate game of it. There's new weapons, 23 additional missions, more music that gets added to your game, achievements, cheats, vehicles ect. Tbh. though... It'd be best to wait for ALL DLC's to come out and then get them all at once. It'd probably be cheaper and it's better to get something big after a while than lot's of little things :P

Malc is a cool name :D

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Sorry for taking so long, new posts aren't showing up half the time.

Malc #2 - Probably opened by completing missions.

Clay - Always good for a bike, I think the only limit is how many a day he'll deliver.

If anyone's keeping track, I've completed 100 gang wars, still no new rewards.

So when you complete 25/25 Gangwars does it do all of the same courses again with the other ones? For ex. The very first one. When you beat all of the gang wars do you have to do that one again?

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Which level Husky? Im currently at 42 level now. Getting hard. I used the sniper technic a few times and it was easier...

Edit: Also the guys who throw grenades are hard. I usually dont spot the grenades before its too late :/

X-Treemly late reply. I only completed up until it said 25. I don't know those gang wars where easy to me. I don't play the Lost and Damned no more. I just do it for the gang wars... until i get my own 360.

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