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Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2

Teaser Trailer

Trailer Analysis

More and more rumours are flying about now, for MW2. On Twitter, FourZeroTwo, one of the Infinity Ward developers, has posted a few teasing things about MW2, including a boxart proposal, which is further down the topic, and a fake beta image. There's not a lot of info yet, but various websites have analysed the teaser trailer, and supposedly it reveals several locations, mentioned below:

Airport - if you watch the trailer analysis, it mentions that an airport mission might open the game. Also, this might be the name of the airport, after scanning through a few article analysis - Beionachocth:


Brazil - Rio De Janeiro? - again, watch the trailer, and at one point in the top-left corner, what looks like a statue appears with its arms outstretched, very much like the Statue Of Jesus.



Oil Rig

Snowy mountains



A few perks were spotted by some eagle-eyed people, and one of them definitely looks like Stopping Power, so that looks like it's returning. The 4 other icons look new:


Number 2 looks like a boot, so maybe faster running, or Extreme Conditioning? Number 3 looks like 2 knives overlapping. Number 4 could maybe be Sonic Boom, the enhanced explosive damage perk, and number 5 I'm not sure. Maybe Martyrdom, or a variant of it.

Other points:

Parachuter - it looks like someone's parachuting down in this image -


Soldiers - 2 soldiers in this pic -


voice in the lift - a few possibilities:

1. "Remember… the Russian"

2. "Remember.. no Russian"

3. "Remember, no rushing"

Voice at the end - it's in Russian, and apparently the translation is - "Revolution isn't possible without a revolutionary situation".

Here's the boxart image:


Here's the fake beta image:


And here's a load of other images analysing the teaser:











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The way this trailer has been presented is awesome. This is feeling awesome every time someone uncovers more and more, which makes this game completely exciting. This is going to be an awesome game!

I have a feeling the ending is going to be as dramatic like CoD: 4.

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Whats up with the teddy bear? LOL. Anyways I'll check this out when its realeased. Never played a COD game before so I guess now would be a good time to start.

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the CoD4 engine is epic, it's my current favourite.

It's a nice engine, but it really is time to update those visuals. Like, at least attempt to surpass a game that was released in 2007.

But visuals aside, I'd really like some more physics to be built into the game. That's what I actually missed most in COD 4 en WaW. Though that'd only be for the singleplayer though. Physics usually don't really work online..

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A new game engine would be awesome. I like the current engine their using at the moment, but they've already used it twice now (CoD4 and WaW), so it would be cool for them to start on a new one. The physics were pretty cool in CoD4 and WaW, and yeah I'd agree with you Jace, there needs to more physics built into the game.

Hopefully Infinity Ward won't let us down, this seems to be promising as ever.

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The latest Modern Warfare 2 Details were published in the latest issue of PSM3. Most of you will know these as they appeared in the short teaser trailer.

- Swimming mode enabled.

- A 'Stealthy' Oil pipeline Scuba Mission will be included in campaign mode.

- A level will definetly be based in Rio De Janeiro.

- Siberian Level will feature in campaign mode.

- Vehicles (e.g. Trucks, Tanks etc.) will be introduced into the Modern Era.

- A 'Helicopter Based' Level will be featured.

- An Oil Tanker level will also be featured.

- Ken Lally (Wesker from Resident Evil 5) will be voice acting. Most likely as a Russian villain.

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The first Modern Warfare 2 details have emerged via Game Informer magazine in the US.

The CoD4 follow-up has you (a new recruit) out to stop the new face of global terrorism, Makarov, an associate of baddie Zakhaev from the first game. Soap, the protagonist from the first game, is back as a veteran soldier NPC.

Modern Warfare 2's said to sport a longer single-player campaign with more "open-ended" gameplay then its predecessor - stealth tactics can even be used in missions if the player chooses.

The campaign is said to run at a solid 60fps with environment detail bumped up even further than CoD4.

Riot Shields, movable turrets and customised weapons for single-player are promised, and responding to criticism of CoD4's infinite enemy respawns, Infinity Ward is looking to stay away from these heavy scripting sequences, says the mag.

Players are now more manoeuvrable too; In the game's ice missions (seen in the footage on this page) players will be able to swim and scale ledges, and the snow mobiles are indeed used as a form of escape.

Unlike World at War, co-op will not be available through the game's campaign, though a separate series of co-op missions are planned in "Special Forces mode".

Interestingly, Infinity Ward's also planning a "live patching system" for the game's multiplayer, meaning you won't have to download full-blown patches for the sequel.


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