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Modern Warfare 2

The Bossman

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It doesn't really matter, TBH. Imran Zakhaev was the main bad guy in COD4, along with another guy called Khaled Al-Asad. Imran wanted to transform his country back to the ways of the Soviet Union, and to draw people away from his intentions, he funded a coup in a Middle Eastern country, organised by Khaled. There's a series of events after that, including a nuclear explosion, and warheads being fired at the US, before the ending, which I won't reveal. I just reworded some Wikipedia words, from the COD4 article - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_of_Duty_4#Plot. There's quite a bit to round up, but Zakhaev is the bad guy and he's the one who needs to be stopped, that's it really.

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I have money to buy it, but why do they have to put the price up? Yes it's a cool and wicked game, could win game of the year again possibly, but £50? You know what that is? It's greed. Corporate greed. Only after the money. I feel seriously let down by them, if the gameplay is amazing (As seen in the video, looks promising and amazing) then I guess the price tag must be worth it.

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HOLY FUCK this shit looks awesome. I lol'd at the bit at the end with the grenade. That's totally me :P I'm a bit of a grenade whore :P

Can't wait for this.

PROTIP: It'll only be £50 in real life. Just buy it on the internet like a normal person, it's cheaper.

£34.99 @ ShopTo

£34.99 @ GAME

£29.99 @ Play

£29.99 @ Gameplay

In fact. Any noob who buys things in real life is an idiot and deserves to lose their money like that. £50 is a fucking rip off. USE THE INTERNET PEOPLE.

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I saw those weapons a while ago, and they look sweet. I posted it on another forum, not here, so well done for posting it up here. BTW, @ Chris, you posted links to PC versions of MW2, and not PS3 or 360 versions. Not everyone can afford £8000 for a superb PC.

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8000 pounds for a PC?! lol.

im sure cod would run well on a $2000 aud pc. which is like 1000 pounds maybe less. hell even run well on a $1000 aud pc like this

motherboard = gigabyte MA780G-UD3H = $118

cpu = AMD x2 550 = $136

ram = 4gb kit kingston = $64

graphics = gigabyte GTX260 896mb = $249

hard drive = seagate sata 500gb = $69

optical drive =samsung dvd-rw = $65

case = thermaltake soprano DX = $159

power supply = seasonic psr550+ = $125

keyboard = saitek eclipse ii = $85 from PCCG

mouse = razor copperhead blue = $85 from PCCG

wifi=dlink dwa510 = $29

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