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Have you been banned on another forum?

Huckleberry Pie

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Read from here.

Pretty obvious that the earth is round.

YES, continue to fight with them. I'm "TheSphericalist" on there.

Haha, those guys have some serious conspiracy theory issues.

Might join it for the lulz.

DO IT!!!

Haha that website is a fucking joke. They actually have a theory for something already proven otherwise, wtf is up with that? So yeah this is one forum that deserves shit. Hate ignorant people.

You have to join and fight the stupidity. Get banned for once...it could be fun. :thumbsup:

EDIT: I was just PMed a link on that forum for a Round Earth Society. :clapping:

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I've been banned only in 1 forum. That was another GTA forum, but then again, I don't know why I did get banned. They said I made a dupe account, which I didn't... It was probably at my school since my mate also joined within the same time as me at the forum and the school has the same IP even for 2 users. Wasn't too happy about that.

I've got a few warns here, and a suspension. Glad I learnt from past mistakes.

Oh and lol @ theflatearthsociety. They must think they're all top since they think the earth is flat. :lol: I would call the webmaster a "Flatface" for no apparent reason (Even though the word "Flat" comes from their haha).

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I have three warnings on here.....

On www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk, I got 3 warnings (4 and you're out), got banned for one week, and created 7 accounts trying to bypass the 1 week. (WTF? Duh.... ) but luckily they still let me come back on now, only they forgot to unban my IP, so now I have to use a proxy to get on, and they don't care. They said come back on, but still kept my IP banned.

My warn level on that site is back down to 50% now though.....

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I never understood why people WANT to join GTAF. The only advantage of a forum that size is generally quick answers to your topics. Apart from that it's bullshit. Legendary threads are lost after just one day in a mass of shitty topics started by shitty members.

At the time I joined it, it was the only GTA site I could find. I was referred to it by some friends. I didn't even know of anything but GTA forums. After that it was GTA Boards.

I was banned from GTA Forums multiple times. Usually the mods would pick a fight, and I'd be dumb and keep it going to the point that I got banned.

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I registered to GTAF about 2 years ago, but I haven't been on it in a long time as a registered user. I have, however, visited the site recently to look at the downloads for GTA San Andreas and Vice City, I did download a few but I only used them once.

It isn't the users of GTA Forums that are the problem, it's the way they are treated on there, there's a lot more freedom of speech here than there is on GTANet, You're less likely to be banned for saying that you hate GTAIV or ice-cream on here than you would on most of TGTAP's counterparts.

Luckily I haven't been banned yet, I've only really made 5 or 6 posts on there but I guess that might be the average number of posts or thereof for members who have been banned.

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Well if you think about it, GTAF have to do this, they obviously don't want to spend time on warning a member when there's more shit going on for them somewhere else, so they have to deal with it pretty quick. And because there's a shitload of members joining everyday, it's more like a 24-7 job since so many people are joining, so it's either be quick, or let those noobs take over GTAF (Even though they can't lol).

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