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The Simpsons set to end in 2011


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Meh, I say cancel. Nowhere near as funny as it used to be. And Family Guy and American Dad pwn the shit out of it, as do many of the other new cartoons that have been made since. Futurama etc.

im a im going to have to agree with chris, simpsons is just not doing it for me, Family guy is just way better ( no offence to simpsons fans ) :/

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You misunderstood the meaning of it. This does not mean that The Simpsons will die, it simply means that Fox has renewed it to 2011. This means that 2011 is when the contract expires. This means that when it's nearing 2011, Fox has a choice renew The Simpsons once again, for another couple of years, OR, they can cancel The Simpsons.

exactly :P

i dunno if it will ever end, some people say its getting old and not funny anymore but its still hilarious.

It isn't "hilarious" anymore. The older shows were better.

Oh, phew.


Really? I prefer the new ones. But yeah, family guy is better, Futurama was more of a watch once and it's boring thing.

The new ones just look nicer. They definitely aren't as funny. Fucking weird as hell on acid, though.

King of the Hill > Family Guy, Simpsons

Oh hell no. I like King of the Hill, but it isn't better than Family Guy.

I can't stand the Simpsons so please end it. I noticed this week when I was in Italy that they are obssesed with the Simpsons. Merchandise is everywhere, I wanted to trash it. I don't like it because I think its dull, not funny and go too far. I thought it was wrong when they took the piss of Buddy Holly's death. That was sick. South Park is so much better.

..... Yeah, cause South Park is definitely less offensive than Simpsons.

And for the record, this show was suppose to end with the movie. Fox is money hungry fucks.

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The Simpsons will probably not be canceled but whether it should be is an opinion. Family Guy and American Dad are great shows. King of the Hill is also a decent show but Fox put literally no emphasis on it which is why they got rid of it.

South Park is okay these days, not all the episodes are good and it's not as good as it used to be but it's decent.

Thanks, I thought no one would mention American Dad, it's pretty awesome. Family guy and Futurama are also awesome but I just hate King of the Hill.

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