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Payne Killers Goes Live

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Over the past couple of weeks, Chris and I have been working on a new addition to the TGTAP network, that website is now complete and tonight it has gone live. Payne Killers aims to be the most comprehensive Max Payne website to date. Using an improved version of TGTAP's powerful CMS, the site already has a screenshot database, trailers, on-the-fly content creation, and a rapidly growing downloads database.

Like the Max Payne series? Can't wait for Max Payne 3? Check us out at PayneKillers.com, and don't forget to stop by the forums!

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Excellent. Good to see this live now, hope it all runs smoothly. Need to get on with other projects of mine :P

Rem's the main dude over there since obviously I need to spend most my time here. You're in quite capable hands though ;)

BTW, I don't know if any of you use the domain TGTAP.com to get here, but we'll soon be using this to house our portal page, basically linking to all the game sites now in my network since this is actually the 4th one but one which will easily become the 2nd biggest. Would kind of make sense to have a page set up for them all. There will be a mini profile of each one too to make it worthwhile.

Hope you guys are hyped for Max Payne 3, I know I am, should be awesome. Hopefully see some of you guys over on the forums there.

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