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So i'm in the game, 6 stars on my forhead, i was in a chopper so I was shooting the cop choppers 'till something blue on a building made me cheat, open my phone, stop the cop chasing me and I head out to the roof of this building, omg, they we're people with binoculars, steady the helicopter and jumped right on top of the building, i head out to the blue arrow, it said: 'press... to go to street, i pressed and gone to street, now on the street it was the same blue arrow, so i thought, hey nothing fancy here, maybe i missed seeing the arrow untill now, so i got to the top of the building and jumped with a nrg, yeap, fliped over, dead, so i remembered the place i've seen the arrow, got back and on the street at the same entrance, no blue arrow :| cheat to get the HELI and i got back to the top nd the arrow was there, got to the street, the arrow was there, lol, so i thought i share with you guys becose the view its asome, you can see the happiness island from there and why not throw some people of from the building, or get a friend or girlfriend and kill them from there :))

The location: The Triangle, Denver-Exeter AVE, can't miss it, attached some photos!



Sorry for the bad quality!




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