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Yeah I thought exactly the same. This was actually on the front page of our local paper last week (Cheltenham is my home town for those who don't know) and on it's website. Everyone was ripping the shit out of him because they thought he had bought the game for his son, when in fact, the article said that HE was the gamer, and thus bought it for himself to play.

However, in this article, his quote is different and he actually admits letting his 12 YEAR OLD play the game. Awesome parenting. I know a lot of you guys here play it underage but you all seem sensible enough not to do shit in real life. But just look at him. Look at his son. Look at their eyes... they're definitely on something.

Must be from the chavvy area of Cheltenham :P

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:))))) So this gone GLOBAL =)) OMG sorry for laughing, i regret that Rockstar must go through this shit! Here in Romania, the country of all possibilityes :)) a lot of shit happens, one of them is framing a big company some f^%%^# shit so they can take some money, some examples... a rat in bag of chips, or in a salamy a claw, or in a bag of rise some strange pieces of... anyways the examples can continue, ectasy in ... what? come on!!! IMPOSIBLE, more than imposible, i mean look at their faces,,, oh well!
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Funny part is that somewhere in cheltenham, someone is desperatley trying to find their stash.

I fucking lol'd.

"They had Mitsubishi signs on them, which I recalled meant they were ecstasy pills. I wasn't 100% sure though, so I checked online and sure enough I was right - it was ecstasy."

He sure seems to know a bit about them.

So? I know that ecstasy pills have the Mistubishi logo on them. It's quite well known by some people that they do. But they still look like fucking junkies.

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