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Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?


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What do you want in the next GTA?

I have my list:

1. Pegassi Cheetah

Its based off the Lotus Evora, Audi R8 rear lights. The C pillar is different on the ingame parody though.

Great handling, Great aceleration, and a 200MPH top speed.




2. Bennefactor Mestribey

Smart car parody. Funny comericials follow in-game.

Its a tincan with a ant inside using it as a hamster ball. In other words, it\'s duribility is crap, and speed and aceleration are slow. But handling is tight!

3. FlyUS/Juank Airlines AT-X500

Generic passenger jet, a larger sucessor to San Adrea\'s AT400. 4 engines. Although very hard, you can locate the keys to fly this ingame.

4. Jobuilt Tanker

Now a more modern truck.

Generic design, profile is like some Volvo/Scania.

OK duribility for a truck, great aceleration, the best handling, and a steady top speed.

5. Tinny


We All knew it was coming. So light that under hard aceleration, it pops wheelies!

6. Annis ZR410

The sucessor to the ZR350. Based off the Nissan R35 GTR, this takes cues from the Proto and production model, some things taken from the Mazda RX8.

Duribility is lackbuster, handling is the best ingame, also awesome aceleration, and 190MPH top speed.



Which ones do YOU wish for.

Remember to include brand names from the GTA world.


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I think some more Beamers would be cool, as now they only have a late '90s M3, a 7-Series, and whatever the Rebla is supposed to be.

One I imagined would be really cool to have in the game:

An Übermacht Sieger (Based off of the Real BMW M6)


The Pontiac Firebird, known as the Phoenix

Don't forget, it'd be called the Imponte Phoenix.

Shelby GT500

I love that car, everything about it

I think a bus system/trolley would be cool, but you can drive it or take it somewhere

At least a small plane, anything would be fine

Hunter, not annihilator, it's better with rockets

NO WAY, Annhilator with guns. Do NOT change anything with that.

I want airplanes a lot, too. Perhaps Airplanes that actually take off from and land at the airport realistically (longer runways) and the ability to hijack jumbo jets, which blow up when you hit buildings. And they can actually go up 30,000 feet and go 500 mph. (We'd need a much bigger city)

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I'm not going to be suggesting fast/sports cars because I prefer 4x4s and estate cars.

I wouldn't mind seeing an equivalent to the Land Rover Discovery (The new one), I don't like the design but it looks as though it would be a GTA possible since the Range Rover has already appeared in two of the games (GTA San Andreas and GTA IV).

I also wouldn't mind seeing a few Vauxhalls and Peugeots. I like the Vauxhall Corsa, it would do nice for when you would like a small and compact vehicle to drive around the next GTA game in, it has an average speed too.

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uh oh perfect topic for me...

no ferraris......or porsches

1.Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce (Infernus)


2.1965 Pontiac GTO (Vigero,better than a shelby)


3.Lamborghini LM002(Rancher)


4.F-15C Eagle (Hydra,this doesnt have the vertical takeoff thrusters like the old hydra/harrier did so its totally different than the san andreas model)


5.Audi R8 (Turismo)


6.Bell UH-1 Huey(Maverick)


7.Mclaren F1 LM(Super GT)


8.Plymouth Superbird or Dodge Daytona(Dukes)



9.Triumph Bonneville T100(Street Fighter. this bike is from mgs4 and i love it)


10.Last one-Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak(Freeway)


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I think the flash should be re-introduced as a mix between the 2005 ford fiesta rs and the 2009 ford fiesta sport- Ford_Fiesta_RS.jpgFord-Fiesta-Zetec-1.4-001.jpg i think your should be like more modern compact cars ,ecspecially more hot hatchbacks in the next gta

Also I think the mesa should be re-introduced as the new jeep wrangler chrysler_jeep_wrangler_11_01_06.jpg and that there should be like a porsche 911 gt2 named as a comet turbo or comet sport or something like that while there still is a normal comet http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-2008/nop...e-1920x1440.jpg I also think the club should be re-introduced aswell as a mix of a 2009 golf gti and a 2008 golf R32 http://itwildcats.net/wp-content/uploads/2...golf-gti-vi.jpg http://www.starvin4sport.0nyx.com/images/VW-Golf-R32.jpg there should also be a car based on the 2010 ford shelby gt500, maybe as a clover or something- http://sportscarnet.com/blog/wp-content/up...helby-gt500.jpg

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