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Clue: Grand Theft Auto III Edition

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Wealthy mob boss, Salvatore Leone, has been found murdered at his mansion in Liberty City! Six likely suspects have been rounded up. The question is: who done it, with what, and where?

My obsession with the board game Clue (AKA Cluedo) and my love of Grand Theft Auto has led me to create this boxart for a GTA III edition of Clue. I was thinking of making a box for a GTA Clue that features characters, objects and locations from all of the GTA III era games, but that would leave out SO many great things, so I just made one for a GTA III edition.


Phil The One Armed Bandit- Colonial Mustard

Luigi- Mr. Green

Kenji Kasen- Proffesor Plum

Maria Latore- Miss. Scarlet

Misty- Mrs. White

Asuka Kasen- Mrs. Peacock


Are there any characters that you think would have been better in the Clue character's roles? And if I, or anyone else, were to make other editions (Vice City, San Andreas, etc.) who do you think should appear in them?

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