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GTA IV PC - Laptop advice


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I'm new to the forum, just getting started in the GTA IV PC world.

Long story short, I'm a comedy writer and flash animator (mostly for CollegeHumor.com) and Machinima.com recently asked me to create a series for them. I decided GTA IV would have the most freedom.

Anyway, I'm usually a mac user, but I know PC's are the way to go for gaming. Problem is I don't really know what's good, or what I need in a laptop to be able to handle the game properly - Processor/Graphics Card, etc

Can anybody recommend a decent laptop? (price max around $1,200)

Thanks in advance!

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Laptops aren't good for gaming. At all. They can't be upgraded, they have inherently slower components than desktops, and they are much more expensive. If you must have a laptop, check out something like this. But again, you would be able to get a much better performing desktop for that price. Also Macs can run Windows (just like PCs can run OSX).

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Thanks chris82-

Yeah unfortunately, the laptop is the only way I can go - office space is seriously limited and I just don't have the room for another desktop. I wish that wasn't the case though.

Thanks for the link I'll definitely check that one out and compare to the others I've been looking at today.

Thanks again

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