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What part are you having trouble with?

Tips to get this one yourself (more bragging rights that way), do your sidework & max out your stats for your weapons.

The ambulance, fire truck & police car (or bike) are the quickest way to make money & build CJ up handle missions. You

also have stealth on your side, use the shadows & master the stealth kill. For the sky jumping part, practice some base

jumping at the airstrip.

Take a knife (for stealth kills, found 1 block N of hospital between Market & DT LS in loading dock) Magnum (Under the

billboard at the S end of the beach, Playa Seville), MP5 (roof of Jefferson Hotel), Spas (hidden in planter, LVA freight

depot, Las Venturas) & M4 (between W end of runways, Los Santos airport). Before taking the mission, attack rival

gangs w/ these weapons for fun & profit. :thumbsup:

Hang in there & keep at it.

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