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Problems with cellphone

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I know I've been of for a while, but I need help for a comrade, who has bought a new cellphone, a Samsung F250, and he's got a few problems connecting.

All what is about connecting.

He want's to transfer files to it (Withouth PC studio, a program that came with the phone), as it says that there ain't more free space (we transfered 3 songs... LORD!), and it doesnt let us enter directly from the comp'... it say's smoething like "E:\ error on the E/S" or something.

I woulkd apriciate some help thanks.


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hey. according to this, its not a firmware problem, it says the phone has 20mb of internal memory, so you said you transferred 3 songs and there wasnt more room, that is probably right since mp3's are like 5mb each... you can upgrade the memory with a microSD memory card (transflash), it will support up to 2GB. so you want something like this, its very small like maybe a little bigger than a coin. you can use a microSD USB reader or use a microSD to SD adapter then use a regular SD card reader to plug into your computer. you might be able to access the microSD directly from the phone however, so you wouldnt need any adapters or anything.

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