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GTAIV Car Manufacturers


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Based on my knowledge, I have created a list of every car manufacturer in GTAIV, and come up with a guess on what company they're based off of. Obviously I'm not 100% sure on ANY of these, so if anybody has any input, feel free to post it here.

Here is a complete list of every car, their specs, manufacturer, etc.:


Übermacht: Clearly BMW, as of their 3 cars, 2 are strikingly similar to BMWs. The Sentinel is clearly an M3, the Oracle is clearly a 7-Series, and the Rebla has some 1-Series influence in it. Also that the name "Übermacht" is obviously a German name, as is BMW. Just for kicks, Übermacht translated to English is "Superior Strength". Perhaps if you look deep, a hint of Audi can be seen, as the Rebla is pretty similar to an Audi A2, and the Oracle seems to share a little bit of Audi A8, mainly because it is missing the classic "Kidney Grille" and "Hofmeister Kink". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofmeister_kink

Albany: A GM Based company that combines Cadillac and Chevrolet. I think this because the generic name Albany hints at an American car, and that its cars are based off of Chevys and Caddys. For example, the Cavalcade looks similar to a Cadillac Escalade, the Presidente is similar to a Cadillac CTS-V, (With some Dodge Charger influence of course :P ) the Primo looks like a Caprice, the Esperanto looks like an old late '70s Caprice/ Impala/ Caddy Eldorado, and other such as the Manana, Emperor, and Buccaneer resemble generic old GM's, of which I sadly can't name, but is where your posts can come in handy!

Annis: I'd have to say Nissan, as there are no other Nissan look-alikes in the game, and the one car they make, the Pinnacle, resembles a mix of a Ford Five Hundred and a Nissan Maxima.

Benfactor: This one I'm not too sure on, but I'd have to guess Mercedes-Benz. They make 2 cars, both of which are quite luxurious, with the Schafter resembling an S-Class, and the Feltzer reprents an SLK-Class. However, these cars do not exactly represent the counterparts mentioned, and none of the names above are German/ can be translated to English.

Bravado: I'd say Dodge, as the Banshee bears resemblance to a Dodge Viper, and the Buffalo represents a Dodge Charger. However, the Feroci doesn't appear to have any Dodge influence.

Brute: I knwo very little about trucks, so I'll say it's just a generic truck company.

Classique: I'd say Oldsmobile, as the Stallion looks like an Oldsmobile with a 440, and the name Classique (Classic) can be thought of to mean Oldsmobile or "Old Car". :P

Declasse: This also resembles Dodge, but, we'll say it's Dodge and Chrysler combined. I say this because the Merit, Sabre GT, Vigero, and Burrito are almost certainly Dodges/ Chryslers, but other cars such as the Taxi (Ford Crown Vic) and Sabre (Oldsmobile Cutlass) say that there are many other influences in this company. This company could be thought of as a Generic American company.

Dewbauchee: Aston Martin, because their only car, the Super GT, is obviously based off of a DB9/ Vanquish/ Vantage, all made by Aston Martin.

Dinka: Honda, because the Chavos resembles a Honda Accord, (With a Mitsubishi rear) the Hakumai is a Japanese name and resembled an old Honda, and the Blista Compact is an old Honda CRX.

Dundreary: I'm not sure. The Admiral looks like a Lincoln Towncar, and the Landstalker looks like a mix of a Mercury and a Mitsubishi SUV

Emperor: Not sure either, but I'd say at random Lexus. "Lokus" sounds like Lexus and resembled an older Lexus sedan, and the Habanero just looks like some generic Lexus.

Enus: A Gernic luxury car company, as their only car resembles a Maybach 62, and a Bentley Flying Spur.

Grotti: Ferrari/ Maserati, as that is what their only car seems to be based off of, and Grotti ends in an "I" like the other two.

HVY: Again, not good with trucks, guess is come generic truck company.

Imponte: Clearly Pontiac, as the names and symbols are extremely similar. Also, the Dukes clearly resembles a Pontiac GTO, and the Ruiner looks like an older Trans Am/ Firebird. However, the DF8-90 can't be pinned to any particular Pontiac, but it does looks somewhat similar to the G8 in body shape.

Inuetero: Not sure, but the Coquette is a mix of an NSX and a Corvette, but since we've already said Chevy, we'll say this is Acura, or some generic company with a car based of a Corvette/ NSX.

Jobuilt: My guess is Mack.

Karin: Definetly Toyota, as the Dillente looks like a Prius, the Futo looks like some old generic Toyota, and the Sultan looks like a Toyota Altezza on the front, with an EVO Gen 4/5/6 Rear.

Maibatsu: Mitsubishi, as the names are similar, the Vincent looks like a Galant, and their truck resembles a generic Mitsubishi truck.

Mammoth: Hummer, because that's what their only car is based off of.

MTL: Yet again, not good with trucks, no clue.

Pecassi: Pagani, because that's what the name sounds like, and their only car, the Infernus, is a mix of a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Pagani Zonda.

Pfister: Porsche, because again, their only car is based off of a Porsche Cayman/ 911/ Carerra GT, and the both names start with a P. However, the name Pfister has no German to English translation.

Schyster: No idea, because the Cabby likes like a Ford, but the PMP 600 is clearly a Chrysler 300C, so perhaps this is another company for Chrysler.

Vapid: Definetly Ford. The Huntley Sport looks like a Land Rover, (owned by Ford) the Uranus looks like an old Ford Escort, the Steed looks like an E-Class, the Police Car a Crown Victoria, the Peyote an old Thunderbird, the Contender an F-Series, and the Minivan has some Ford Windstar resemblance.

Vulcar: Volvo, because the Ingot looks somewhat like an older Volvo wagon, and both company names start with a V.

Willard: Not too sure, but I'd say Mercury. The Faction looks somewhat like a Mercury Cougar, and the Solair looks like a litle like a Gernation 4 Mercury Sable Wagon. But that's all.

Zirconium: No idea, but their only car (The Stratum) is a mix of many cars, with front being a Skyline R32, and the rear being a few things. Some say an Impreza WRX, some say a Honda, and some say just a Generic wagon rear.

Well, that's my list, and obviously I'm pretty unsure on many things.so if you any suggestions/ ideas, please feel free to post them here! :)

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The dukes being a Pontiac? My ass dude seriously compare the dukes to a 69 charger, Identical, Find a dukes with a blown motor, go watch FnF #1 dude, the Dukes is a Dodge Charger, A reason why its called Dukes is cause they want a reference to the dodge charger in Dukes Of Hazard, Dukes, get it? Its clearly a Dodge Charger non the less. FBI Buffalo, a STR8 Charger.

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