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Hey what's the story

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You play as a character called Niko Bellic. Fresh of the boat from Russia trying to make it big into America with his cousin Roman Bellic. Roman had tricked Niko into coming to Liberty City to pay off his debts. He persuades him by telling him in emails that he has 15 sports cars 2 women and 4 hot tubs. Now you are stuck in America with shit , and a whole lot of trouble through the city. Can the duo survive with shysters , sociopaths , and drug dealers?

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I red at some article about Niko Bellic in GTA wiki...

it said niko is a soldier from Yugoslav wars ? :hurrhurr:

but many people said Niko is Serbian ? :whistle::hurrhurr:

If I'm not mistaken, he and his cousin mentioned the Serbian language, so it is likely that he is, besides the fact that he got involved in the Yugoslav wars, perhaps during the early 90s.

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Niko Bellic fought in the Bosnian war in 1998. His troop was ambushed and only three people survived. They were Niko, Florian Crevic and Darko Brevic. Niko knew that either Florian or Darko betrayed his troop and told the enemy where they were. Niko heard that Florian was living in Liberty City, so Niko went there to ask Florian if it was him who set them up. Niko gets help from different people in order to find Florian. When he finds him, he learns that Florian didn't betray the troop, it must have been Darko. Niko gets the Liberty Paper to help him find Darko. They find him and bring him back to Liberty City. Niko gets his revenge on the man who betrayed the troop.

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