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Vehicles in future GTAs

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I'd like to see a wider range of military and industrial vehicles.

We had the Patriot, Barracks, Cargobob, Rhino, Hunter and Hydra. That's like one of each type, there maybe could be some other types (see images below). What would be really cool is if there was some form of a war, or two separate countries, where each side has a different culture and different military vehicles and uniforms.


And sure, we've seen trucks that can carry cars, and (modified) helicopters, but never boats or ingame aircraft. I reckon there should be a boat, plane, helicopter and truck for carrying vehicles.

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first the gotta get rid of that thing in every gta game. when u flip over, your car blows up. that isnt real and its the worst part of the game (imo). the car shudnt blow up when it flips. and u shud be able 2 buy cars. the better the cars the more the cost. and if u take the car u bought somewhere and leave it there, it wont dissapear. lower car health wud be good 2. if u head-on the front of a car, u can still drive it. thats very fake. make a car not work anymore when it crashes bad. also loose health if u crash. the harder the crash, the more health u lose. and if u crash hard enough, an airbag pops out. also tires can come off (without the car exploding). it wud be cool if u had the ability 2 lock doors, set alarms, turn on blinkers, controll a windshield wiper for when it rains, switch gears for manual transmittion cars, and turn the engin on and off. and if u or someone els crashes so bad that u cant drive the car, a toetruck will come just like the ambulences. and make toetruck pickup missions. and u can use car washes and gas stations.

skateboards that u can ride AND hit people with. rollerblades, snowboards, hang gliders, wind surfers, jet skeys, snowmobels, skiing on the back of a motor boat. and make waves! and surfboards that u can find on the beach! surfing wud be awesome.

also a wider variety of animals besides birds and fish. u shud be able 2 hunt for animals in the woods and go fishing.

also alot more sport minigames. like football, hocky, soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball on the beach. and make all of these things wapons as well. like balls and hocky sticks and tennis rackets.

u should be able 2 throw more than just grenades and molotives and throw balls and rocks and bottles at people. and pick up everyday things around your house or a stick or something and u can light it on fire. and a blow torch. and a magnefying glass that u can see through and light fires with

they should put more things in area 69 than just the black project (jet pack). there should also be a super secret ufo that u can drive in area 69 that u can see flying in the sky like planes only u see it extreamyl rarely and very high. and if it sees u it shoots lazers at u. and u can shoot lazers 2 if ur driving it but its invincible and has cool noises and super hard 2 get.

they should give the military jets a different sound. a really loud sound that sounds like an afterburner. oh and u can use afterburners on them. and a stealth fighter plane. and a submarine that u can walk in and drive.

and u can scuba dive and have a speargun for killing like sharks and whales.

and if u press the special attack button with a gun in your hand, u can hit people with your gun. and make another camera that can make movies. and make digital cameras that can do both. and u can drop weapons.

u shud be able 2 buy drinks and cigaretts and they will appear in your weapon list. and the longer u hold the fire button, the bigger gulp u drink or the bigger breath u take. and if u drink or smoke 2 much u shud get drunk or high and the camera wud turn all wierd.

other people besides u can swim and there are swim clubs and other people can parachute like military and sky diving lessons and u can shoot them on the parachute. and u can climb mountains along with other people and u need a saety rope and everything. and explosions will make bodyparts splatter everywhere.

and they shud clear an area for spaceships. and if u steal 1 u get like 6 stars. and u can go 2 space. and space is like the ocean. there are no borders and it just keeps going. and if ur lucky u can see an alien ship like in area 69 and u can find a planet or moon that u can land on and use a lunar lander and u need a spacesute 2 breath or u die. and u can see aliens that u can kill driving like wierd starwars like hovercrafts that are also super secret and the aliens carry super secret weapons and shoot u. there is one alien weapon of each class like a lightsabor for melee and a lazer for pistol and a rapid lazer for smg and a bigger more powerful lazer for shotgun and a giant mib style lazer for machine gun and like a plasma gun that will melt people for the hevy duty weapon. and a metal container filled with green ooze that blows up for throwable.

and there is a cheat 2 get all the alien weapons and a cheat 2 spawn all the super secret vehicles like the ailien ones.

also u can aim in the car and do drivebys with vurtually every weapon.

srry that i made a full-on essay on wut shud be in the next gta. but i think these are sume pretty good ideas

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Yes, i fully agree on more cars, mods, new vehicle types (snowmobile, jetski etc), but what I REALLY want is a decent garage to store these in. I mean, whats the point of collecting every decent car in the game, modding it, only to find there is no where to store your lovely collection. Personally, I think that you should be able to buy a BIG hotel and like in San Andreas, it should have a HUGE multistory carpark, allowing you to store hundreds of cars in it. Also a shed on the water for storing boats, and a bigger hanger than SA for storing aircraft.

Also, how about boat and aircraft mods... like being able to boost thier power and customizing color n' stuff on them.

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They need turn signals on cars so you know when the ass hole is going to change lanes and hit you.

I agree with that cuz when ur in a HOTTT!! pursuit, you never know where the sucker is goin to turn plus it's so ann :pissedred: ying! P.S. I play GTA SA on the ps2. Soon in d Pc

I'd like a longer range of air planes plus more motercycles with side cars so you can have better balance. more convertibles... some rally cars and a car that can turn invisible 4 a while (even if it's not possible.. :down: )

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i would really like to see different year models of the gta cars...it would be really cool. like you guys know how the 1958 corvette looks soooo much different that 2006 corvette? well yeah i would like to see those improvements in th enext gta :)

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I don't really care cars are on the game just as long as they aint the same as the other games. I thnk they should work a little harder on the modding garages because on SA they were a good thing to do just the things you could do were pritty crap. Maybe you could tune the engine from turbos to superchargers to dump vavles to induction kits. And then when having things like these, they should change the engine noise (oviously). Another thing i think would be good is if you couldn't afford these things in the game then maybe when you got you self a new exhaust, each exhaust should change ya engine sound in it's own way. Maybe some cheap to complete-boot-build sound systems too which, if loud enough, people would look at ya car or moan about the noise or some sh*t. Also with that, it would boost the bass with the music your playing. I'd say some cars should be automatic and some manual too! Maybe petrol but that could be silly if not, anoying!

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Referring to someone elses post.I also think they should have indicators on cars,much like Mafia.And the car/s i want in GT4 are as follows:

-Subaru Impreza

-Subaru Liberty

-Ford F500

-Ford Mustang

-Holden Commodore

-Holden Monaro

-Toyota Yaris

-Nissan Skyline GTR(A more detailed version than the Elegy in GTA: SA)

-Toyota Tarago

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There were rumours of it being in sa, But JET SKIS. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO

Ride the waves man

wanna know what woud be cool, if they have carvival rides, like bumper cars and roller coasters.


this is what i want, an acctual cruise, ike you pay for a cruise, and other peope are on the boat, and you can eat and dance and do other stuff!

i Agree joe, They should also let you walk around in planes and trains, coz the cinematic you watch in sa when having a train ride or boarding a flight is BORING!!!!!!!!

And That would be cool if you could drive dodgems, yet it would be unrealistic because dodgems need electricity ontop of them to run em, unless there 1 of thm crappy battery operated ones

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REAL CARSSSS!!! and GOOOD MODELS!!!! the sa models sorta sucked. yes yes i know alot better than gta3 and stuff but really, i downloaded a ferrari testerossa off of gtagarage.com and it sed it took him about a month and a half to make, after all of his duties(at home work school etc) and it looked SOOO MUCH better than the cheetah, the cheetah was like a piece of shit laying in your shoe compared to the shiny testerossa.

AND I NEED BETTER PHYSICS!!! how about the crash physics of burnout revenge... or wutever new burnout comes out in the near future b4 gta4 comes out. the ragdoll physics should be good and not just knock around shit like in spiderman and doom 3. actually have model indentations and stickiness to objects and the ground. also better sounds. i didnt buy a grerrererat sound card just to hear the tiny clicks that are the same pretty much every weapon, the same boring,unchangable vrooms that the cars make, and the relaly annoying beep that is thoight to be a sound of a plane etc. etc. etc.. AND better tunable car handling maybe like nfs mw(or any new nfs game) handling and and tuning styles, and maybe a fligt simulators plane handling, and a good bike games handling for motorcycles. AND TRY TO MAKE THE HANDLING LIKE THE REAL CAR'S!(like how I sed it would be alot better to have reallll cars)

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