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Vice City Online (VC:O)

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VCO (Vice City Online) has been created to enable an online multi-player experience for the PC version of the single-player game, copyrighted by Take Two Interactive Software, Inc., Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (the fourth installment of the award-winning Grand Theft Auto series, created by top game developers at Rockstar Games Ltd. and Rockstar North).

VCO originated as a personal project founded by two companions, ReGeX and Koolio - both of whom are C++ programmers whose shared interests in promoting the positive aspects of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City provide the inspiration for this grand, yet difficult, adventure. Development on VCO began in October, 2007, with RC1 released in March, 2009 and RC1 Patch 1 concluding in April, 2009.

I have beta tested Vice City Online back when it first started in development and I am still a constant player to this very day, all I have to say from my experience is that it is an extremely well made modification. Synchronization is excellent as well as the overall game play.

The scripting engine, for VCO, is LUA which is one of the most simple scripting engines to date... So if you consider on creating a server, LUA makes it much more easier.

If you still love Vice City and enjoy playing it online, I definitely recommend you give it a go.

For a personal recommendation, go to Ankeborgs RPG server. Its a great community and a well developed Role Play script is on its way.

VCO's official site is www.GTAGaming.com/vco and it also has an Un-official (but well maintained) website specially dedicated to this mod. You can visit it at www.vicecityonline.com.

To download this mod, click HERE to be redirected to VCO's download section.

Enjoy, see you there :P

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I downloaded it and found server empty all the time...

yesterday there wasnt a single player init

Thats because its not that well known. For me it is 8:33pm (+10 GMT), it gets populated at about 10 - 11:00pm.

I will be on soon, as =MS=iKlipse, if anyone wants to join.

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Looks sweet, Will get it as soon as I install Vice City again. How many servers does VC:O atm?

Not many, at the moment there is 4, but servers are put up and down by its owners all the time. The only server that stays up 100% of the time is Ankeborgs. If it was well more known, it would be much better.

RC2 is being made right now, completely re-written from scratch with all new features and better sync, so hopefully that will raise some attention.

Ankeborgs has just opened a DM server, so anyone who wants to DM... Go nuts:

IP: vco.abgames.net

PORT: 2009

Ankeborgs RPG is:

IP: vco.abgames.net

PORT: 2008

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