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Which underwear?



36 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick

    • Boxer
    • Briefs
    • Boxer Briefs
    • Eeeew underwear
    • G-Strong
    • Thongs
    • Panties
    • Weiman Boxers

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should I mention what type (if that isn't obvious) or just say other? :gappy:


Underwear?!?! That cuts into my budget for shotguns & tacos, forget that. :thumbsup:

LOL! Only manly men make a budget for shotguns.

Boxers for me, breifs are just too clingy, you know what I mean? I need space to breathe otherwise I walk like fucking retard and girls think I have issues with my package, which I don't.

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I go for boxers, because the Y-fronts are too restricting. I prefer baggy boxers though, I hate having to get up every 5 minutes to pull the boxers back down again, because they keep rolling up near the bottom. It gets really annoying. I also wear the same type for swimwear, men in speedos just does not work.

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Couldn't you just add some different girl styles of underwear so everyone could participate?

Yeah Slyde, add them to the poll you lazy bastard :P

I originally planned the topic to be Boxer vs Briefs vs Boxer Briefs. I guess adding G-String was a good idea now.

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