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GTA 4 on my pc?

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I wanna buy GTA IV, but im not sure if i can run it...

My PC has this characteristics

-NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS/laptop



-2.00GB RAM

Could you please tell me if i could play, and if it will be LAGGY or not.

i'll be very thankfull


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well your processor, you didnt say if its a dual core (centrino duo, core2) or just regular single. if its single then definitely you wont be able to play. also 8400GS isnt really very good, so IF you could play, you would have to put everything on low 640x480 and it'd probably still lag.

@GTA Index

Yeah what's your CPU? 8500GT isnt particularly great either, it'd be the budget card you put if you don't wanna play games much at all. Get a ATi 4850/4870 or NVidia 9800GTX or GTX260.

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