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What Do You Do At The Shops


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Okay so, Me and my mate often drive down to the local shops, Or Mall to you Americans, To find ourselves bored.

Basically, I want to know what you do when you're bored at the shops.

Today i took my Foxtel remote (Cable TV) and changed the display tv's to Comedy channel and turned volume on full so South Park was echoing through the shops.

Other then that i buy bouncy balls and bounce them into shops.

What do you do to pass time if you're not buying anything.

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the apple store used to have keyboards (edit: as in pianos), my friend and i would go in and play a duet for all to hear until a worker told us to lower the volume :P

also we would load up a flash video on all the 30" cinema displays of my friends freaky looking dog with U2 playing in the background. it was a really random video but it was a good video to exit with!

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ahahahha thats mad.

yeah my friend had the psp IR remote app thing a while ago.



in the city, where theres a big apple store. go around and apple+shift+a , apple + a, apple+o (opens all applications). man soooo fun. did that in apple store, myer, dick smith, jb hifi... also ctrl + alt + apple + 8. inverts the screen (black = white)

omg that foxtel remote, what a good idea eh. you could also get those little keyzapper things (like $20) and they turn off all TV's.

other than that, look at stuff, play the demo 360's/ps3 etc, plugged my phone into some speakers at the apple store LOL.

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