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R.I.P. Billy Mays

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It makes sense they all died from Cardiac Arrest as everyone does. You die when your heart stops.

When I hear death note, I think of pirates and the black spot.

Swine flu is pretty much like normal flu. Like any other flu it does kill but like Chestnut said it affects people with weaker immune systems.

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rest in peace, i bought most of the stuff he advertised

Lol good man. Yeah I found out about this quite a while ago, didn't know a thread was created. But yes R.I.P. Billy Mays, the best salesman to ever be on our TV screens.

It was like, just a week ago.

But yeah, Chestnut's mom just bought some Mighty Putty. Shit works pretty well.

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I was already sick of hearing Micheal Jackson lovers crying and yahoo and msn spamming stuff about him, I didn't find him human enough to even worship, and yet people thought of him as a divine figure above humans. But when I heard about Billy Mays's death, that's something I felt sorry for. There was really never anything bad about him. He didn't molest little boys, he didn't snort up drugs for attention from the media like washed-up teen celebrities, he didn't change his style at all, and he was probably the only semi-celebrity type of person that was at the same time a household name and a down-to-Earth character. I saw his smiling icon on the MSN front page and next to it "Billy Mays, pitchman, found dead at --" and that was the only celebrity I actually felt sorry for.

I'm surprised i'm saying this about a household name type of person, but he will be missed.

Micheal Jackson fans, go ahead and attack my post now.

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Yeah, because you can totally prosecute a rich man because someone SAID he molested children. People are celebrating what he contributed to society. Great music that is still listened to today, endless amounts to charities and similar causes, a ranch built for sick children((and don't say a word about child molestation unless you have SOLID PROOF)).

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One of the staff has come forward about him and the charges.


This was in the paper yesterday. I don't know if its true and I will never know. There may not be solid proof but some people do feel he is guilty and thats their opinion. Lets face it alot of people get found guilty of crimes such a murder all the time and the evidence is not always solid proof that they did it. But the jury thought they did it so they get found guilty. Also celebrities do have a habit of getting off crimes, look at OJ Simpson. He has gotten away with murder. No one knows if he did molest children, he may have or he may not have. The only people who know is MJ and the children.


If anyone is interessted this is his interview tape from the police.

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R.I.P. Man 4 stars all in the same week must be a new record. Seriously what is causing all these deaths of great people?

I had a conversation with my friend a couple days ago about that and we said a few far fetched things like the whole 2012 thing and stuff. In all logicalness(no idea if that's even a word) though, people die at some point and this year just has been a tragic example of it..

I get what you are saying but it seems like people are dying alot especially this year. Maybe its some kind of disease spreading around?

Quite a few were cardiac arrest. Maybe someone got their hands on a death note?

Wow.. Makes so much sense.
Pretty sure people would know it's that if it was, but I'm not the one who should be talking cos I know nothing about shit like that. What is the death note thing we're talking about?
Death note is a book used by Deathgods/Shinigami's to kill a human when their time comes. One has to just write the victims name in it and the time and cause of death. If the cause of death is not mentioned the person who name is written will die of a cardiac arrest. Death gods usually drop it in the real world for the lulz so that humans can use it on other humans,etc

Watch Death note anime ^*

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