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GTA Malta

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Hi. i need some help with modding

-How Do you change police siren colours?

-the chopper that comes to you at 3 stars isn't on the carcols (car colour list) and i wish to make it black

-i wanted to make roads darker, but all txds in the generic folder semm to be 8 bit. i tried making new txd 32 bit and deleting the original. didn't work. 8 bit sucks. how do i change the bits? i use txdworkshop

thats all i can think so far

now about the mod. it is a total conversion (but unfortunatly not map mod, coz everytime i mapmod i end up with a rotating building or something!! lolz :coolthumbup: oh and a texture conversion only :down: ....maybe


police cars are white, they say 'pulizija' instead of lcpd, and the lcpd badge is replaced by the maltese police badge

enforcers dark blue.

billboard are replaced with maltese billboards like: gonzi billboard, airmalta and stuff like that

maybe new sounds

i'll try to make txd as high quality as possible.

more stuff i can't think of

don't know when i'll finish it

thanks and please post ideas or what you think!!! :clapping:

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