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Lord Of GTA

Post Your Remeber Able Journey/Tour Pics

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Hi Guyz How R U

Have you ever go to a journey or Tour any where if yes share your remember able Pics of your Journey with other members upload your most favorite Journey pics Right Here

Mine favorite Journey was when i went to "Pakistan" with my Dad to Meet My Dad's Old Friend i visited the Northern areas of "Pakistan" Very Beautiful Places i live 2 months in Pakistan here are the pics which i captured and these are my favorite and there is none fof these my own pic these are all most Beautiful Nature Pics Which i Captured

@Chris, Super Mods ,Mods] this Topic Should Be Pinned what you think

PIC of a river inside The mountains


Pic of a water flow


Pic Of Muree Valley


Pic of Lalazar Valley


Mountain near the Kargel Valley


i will Update more these are some because i now must upload pics from my camera to my computer i will upload here tonight

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No I don't think this should be pinned.

1. You've clearly made no attempt to string a coherent sentence together and your topic title barely makes sense.

2. Stop capitalising random words. Makes the paragraph even harder to read than it already is.

3. You forgot to erase the watermark on one of the images. So we know they aren't yours.

4. You're a PBM and I hadn't got round to banning this account of yours yet. I have now though.

Keep joining and we'll ban your entire country. Too many idiots from Pakistan joining now...

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