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I have a big problem with the name...


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I have a big problem with the title of this episode...

... The title is too damn long to fit on the sidebar of my website. :lolbounce:

No, I'm not homophobic, unlike some... And I'm guessing that is what you expected while reading the title :P

It seems obvious some don't like the idea of the character maybe being gay or something... I don't have a problem as long as there are no disturbing cutscenes, lol. And I'm sure this episode will bring us the classic weapon from San Andreas, a dildo... Because that'd just make GTA IV sooo much better xD The abillity to slap someone miles away with a simple flick of the dildo thanks to the ragdoll physics :P

So, um... To make this topic of more use (just in case people are inclined to complain) what do you think of the title and what do you think it will actually mean? Will it mean a very "gay" game? Will the walking animations be replaced with skipping (I hope so)? And the ultimate question I really want answered... Will there be dildo's? - Ehem, there is nothing wrong with that question!!!

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This topic makes the game look gay. But hell no, what Dominican gangster would be doing walking around the streets fucking people with dildo's? Seriously Rockstar cut out the rest of the sex toys from San Andreas and just left you with a Dildo. So what I'm saying, no.

Heh? You saying that simply having a comic weapon in game turns the whole game gay?

The point I was trying to get through is that despite the title, the game will probably not be gay and if it was, so what? As long as there is no gay hot coffee... I'd be fine with playing it :)

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I have absolutely no problem with the title of Ep2. However I do remember that when Gay Tony was annouced there were many homophobes that assumed

that the character would be gay. (Of course I have yet to see anyone say such a thing on TGTAP). I haven't heard anything about dildos being in the game. No, lol. Cant wait to see the first trailer, I'm sure R* is going to add many new features. For one I belive that there is going to be vehicle customization.

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