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True Roleplay [SAMP]

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10 quick reasons why you should join True Roleplay over other servers.

1. The server has been going since September 2007. We won't just dissapear.

2. The script is not like the 1000 other Godfather Edits. It is completely different.

3. We have a team of helpers who will show you through your first few hours, making it easy to get started.

4. Does a person just spawn at the age of 20 in real life? You can get a free apartment here. Contact a helper.

5. Our server is not made up of 80 percent 1337 admins. We have a select team of admins. There are many new people who are just players like you.

6. If you have atleast 2 members in your faction, you can become official before you get level 3. Official does not take years to get. After being accepted, your faction will be added in within 5 minutes without the need for a restart.

7. We do not allow people with non-rp names and we do not tolerate people who cannot speak English.

8. True Roleplay is not home hosted. It is on a dedicated server in a data centre.

9. You do not see underscores in peoples names on the server.

10. It is easy to get into a faction, easy to get a job and easy to get car. It is a friendly script which allows you to enjoy yourself.







I started developing True Roleplay in September 2007. I couldn't really script properly, but I put alot of effort into learning. Now 1 and a half years later, it has become a unique and friendly community. We get up to 30 players a day, averaging at about 15-20. The script has many features which will be explained later.

The Team

I have a solid team of admins working on True Roleplay, who put alot of time and effort into helping new players, sorting out peoples problems and much more.

Ash - Level 4 Admin. Owner & Scripter. (Viktor Belyakov ingame)

Koffe - Level 3 Admin. Refund Admin and General Admin. (Charlie Wood / Raskikov Vasilij ingame)

Jack - Level 3 Admin. General Admin. (Curtis Wright / Mike Sullivan ingame)

Travis - Level 3 Admin. General Admin. (Travis Danielson ingame)

Eddy - Level 2 Admin. Head of Forums, Head of Ventrilo and General Admin. (Dax Acres ingame)

Robin - Level 2 Admin. Head of Events and General Admin. (Robin Welt ingame)

Jeron - Level 2 Admin. Head of Helpers and General Admin. (Felix Lancer ingame)

Arru - Level 1 Admin (Robert Kipson ingame)

Jerry - Level 1 Admin (Jason Davis ingame)

Ross - Helper. (Ross Harper ingame)

Nathan - Helper

Bogdan - Helper (Cesar Perez ingame)

Brae - Helper. (Brae Williams ingame)



Change Password

You can change your password ingame with the command /changepass. This means that you do not need to worry if you think somebody knows your password, as True Roleplay offers a way to change it and keep your mind at rest.

Name Changes

You can buy a namechange from an Admin for 100,000$ ingame, or you can get them for free if you are under a donation subscription. This enables you to change your name on the server so you can roleplay a different person. You do not have to reconnect to the server to change your name, it is all done ingame without having to quit.

Clothing System

You must visit one of the Clothing Stores in Los Santos to change your clothes. We do not have classes on your server at all, and there is no class selection when you connect to the server. You enter the skin ID that you want on our server with the command /clothes (You can look at a big selection list at http://www.trueroleplay.com/skins) and choose. You can have up to 10 clothing slots, and they can be changed at the house you own or rent using /outfit.

24-7 System

Sick and tired of spending ages looking through an abundance of text to buy something from a 24-7? True Roleplay offers a unique menu system using /buy so you can see everything on offer and scroll through the menu and select what you want.

Electronic Stores

At an Electronic Store, using /buy, you can buy a GPS, a Walkie Talkie or even a Toolkit. These items allow you to do a range of things such as finding the nearest 24-7, burgershot or ammunation, speaking to your friends on a radio frequency or breaking into vehicles, houses and businesses which are locked.

Ammunation System

You can visit an ammunation and buy a range of protection equipment with /buy. If you do not have a license, you can buy some pepperspray, some armour or a knife to keep those nasty people away, or if you have applied for a license on the forums and have been granted it, you can get a Desert Eagle. Some major businesses such as security agencies have a special license which allows them to buy an MP5, but it is very rarely given out.

Car Ownership

You can own up to 3 vehicles on True Roleplay! You can park them, change their colour, give keys to people and do many things with your cars. You can even tune them at a Tuning Garage, and all modifications are kept after a server restart, or if your car respawns. You get your very own vehicles from Vehicle Dealerships, which are explained below.

Vehicle Dealership

We have 6 different dealerships, catering for different styles of cars. We have Sporty, which has vehicles such as the Bullet or the Sultan. Budget features cars which are great for new players including the Faggio. There are also 4 other types which have different vehicles to buy. You use /buy to buy a vehicle.

Watch System

Oh, suddenly, everyone has access to the time without getting a watch. Powergaming! Not on True Roleplay, as you have to visit a 24-7 and use the handy /buy menu and get a watch. Only then can you see the time in Los Santos.

License System

Every player has an ID card in which they can show to other people, especially the cops! It is Los Santos law that you carry your ID card at all times. Ofcourse you can roleplay that you don't have it, but be prepared to do the time for it! It includes many details such as name, address, phone number, and all licenses.

Driving & Biking Licenses

To gain your driving license, you must get in a white alpha which is located at the Licensing Offices and type /taketest. The location is clearly shown to you in our beginning tutorial. A biking license is exactly the same, but in a bike! You travel through many checkpoints across the city, and you have to make sure you do not go over 50 miles per hour, and that your car doesn't get damaged. If you fail, you have wasted some money, as you have to pay again.

Flying & Firearm Licenses

To gain your flying and firearms licenses, you must apply for them on the forums. Specified people check your application and send a prompt reply telling you if you have been accepted or not. They instruct admins to supply you with a license. There is a charge of 100,000$ for a Firearms License or a Flying License.

Air Traffic Control System

There are Air Traffic Control operators, who take on the task of monitoring aircraft activity with a scripted radar showing all aircraft located in San Andreas. You must tell them that you are landing and taking off using /atc, or they may contact the authorities on you!


Mask System

Anybody can buy a mask for $250 from a 24-7 using the /buy menu. When they type /mask your nametag is hidden from others and your name across the script is replaced with a special code. Do not worry! You do not have to OOC'ly supply your ID to people! For example, if your Mask Code is 123, the person can do any commands on your mask code aswell as your ID, for example, "/pay 123 100" would pay you $100 and "/w 123 Hello" would whisper the message "Hello" to the person with the mask code 123.

Restaurant System

All of the burgershots, clucking bells and pizza stacks are enterable places. Even some other ones are such as the donut shop and some posh restaurants are too. You type /menu, and a different menu comes up depending on what restaurant you are inside. You can eat to gain health there.

Health System

Restaurants are ignored in most servers, and people do not appreciate the need to eat. We come up with a crafty scheme to prevent that, by making your health increase for every hour you havn't even. For every hour that you have not even from a restaurant, your health goes down 2HP per 5 minutes. If you havn't eaten for over 6 hours, it alerts you when it takes away 12HP every 5 minutes. If you decide not to ever eat, your health will constantly be hitting 0, so you WILL eat!

Drink System

In a bar, you type /menu and a drinks selection comes up, allowing you to buy a few drinks. There are alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks, supporting even the most nerdy person!

Phone System

There are no /call or /sms commands in our script as we feel they are too common. Instead, you use /phone and a nice menu appears allowing you to choose 3 options, Call, SMS or Contacts. It then lets you tap in the digits so you can call, and you would add a message after if you are SMS'ing someone. Contacts will be explained next.

Contacts System

Every phone has the ability to add contacts in real life, so why can't you do it in game? Yes, you can! You can add up to 8 contacts on your phone, using /contacts. Be careful to not make mistakes, as like in real life too, it doesn't check the validity of the numbers entered!

Loudspeaker System

Do you want other people around you to hear what the person is saying on the phone? Use /loudspeaker and your phone noise is sent to the surrounding people.

Phone Toggle

You can turn your phone on and off with /togphone, so nobody can trace you or call you. You are safe! You can also withhold your number so when you call somebody, they don't see your number. In most servers, it actually shows your name but on TrueRoleplay, it shows your number, but only if you havn't withheld it!

Phone Passing

On most servers, I bet you have experienced times where you really wanted to give the phone to someone near you, so they can put their opinion across to the person who is swearing at you on the phone. /passphone does just that. You hand your phone over to somebody near you.

Car Windows

So.. I'm driving around, I speak when I roleplayed putting my windows up, but people still hear me.. not on True Roleplay! With /carwindows, you can put your windows up and nobody on the outside of the car will be able to hear what you are saying, unless you shout ofcourse.


Car Engines

All cars have engines, and no, everybody cannot toggle the engine of every car. If you own a car, rent it, or have the keys for it, then you can do it. If not, you can't.


We have a speedometer which is done in miles per hour.

House Ownership

You can own up to 3 houses, and you can manage them in the sophisticated house menu using /house outside any of your houses. You can choose to spawn at any of your houses, and you can change clothes in all of them too. You can change the rent, withdraw the rent till and much more. You can even rent another house and not spawn at any of your owned houses. You can /knock on any houses and the people inside hear a message.

Television System

The San Andreas Broadcasting Network can broadcast news and radio events directly to your television. You can go to your rented or owned house and type /watchtv, and your screen changes to widescreen mode, and a logo appears, giving it a realistic effect! It tags the reporter around, and let's him give you the information.

Walkie Talkies

You can buy a Walkie Talkie from an Electronics Store, which allows you to tune into any frequency between 1 and 99999999 using /setchannel so if you are creative, nobody will hear your conversations. You can leave your channel and be in no channel by typing /leavechannel. /r2 is the command to talk over the channel.

Accent System

By typing /accent followed by an accent such as British, American or Russian, when you talk on the phone, normally, in a car or anything like that, your accent is displayed infront of it so people can distinguish what country you are from.

Language System

Similar to the accent system, but you are actually speaking in that language, not just in that accent. This time you use /language.

Weapon Dealing

Arms Dealers must buy materials off of Arms Suppliers, who pickup and deliver materials. Arms Suppliers have to quickly press buttons that appear on their screen to convert materials. Arms Dealers can sell many weapons for certain amounts of materials using /sellfirearm.

Weapon Passing

You're in a fight, and you have an Mp5 and a deagle, but wait, your friend has nothing? Why not give him one of them using /passgun and now you have double the power!


You can toggle deaths with /togdeath, toggle connections using /togconnect and toggle news using /tognews.





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Huh. It seems to have some great features and is very unique. The only problam here is roleplay servers are extremly boring :(

However, I may check it out later. If I could make a suggestion though -scrap the eating system, or at least give it more time before you lose health. I know that most people don't get hungry after 1 hour, ESPECIALLY considering ingame, 1 hour = 1 minute

@Spaz The Great - I think by not seeing underscores he means that if I where to put my name as "john_smith" you would see it as "John Smith"

Edited by Butters!
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So you don't allow underscores? How does that affect us in any possible way that would make us want to join? And what do you mean "no non-rp names"? What is an "rp name"?

The underscores are allowed they just don't show up I think. Like, Spaz_The_Great would be Spaz The Great in game.

What he means by RP name is instead of rockstarrem it would have to be something like Domenic Fiore.

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Alright I joined this, Im kinda annoyed. The health thing isnt goin that fast (Very good). People on there are all "Im so tough, hey I own this shit fuck off!" Im sick of them. Another thing, there are pretty much NO cars you can drive. And the cars are in the 100,000's to buy. Fucking ridiculous. Another thing is, the jobs pay alot, but alot of the jobs are useless and nobody makes extra money. Only the mechanics and I have no idea how to call a cab. In the stores you have to buy your own phone and watch. Thats alright but it says the phone is $100, I bought it, it costed $200. The watch said it was $200 it costed $300. The drivers test is a pretty nice addition to the RP. But it says you CANNOT GO OVER 50 MPH. I went exactly 50, not over, and I failed. That was a waste of money. Its a good thing a rich guy that tried to kill me with a baseball bat gave me $5000 cause I told him I was poor. Imo this RPG is way too realistic and needs alot of work.

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