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Downloaded Cars Affecting Handling


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Hello everyone,

I installed some modded cars the other day and when I loaded up San Andreas, I noticed that the handling for the cars was changed. Originally I just wanted to give the cars a new look, so I installed only the model and texture files and did not modify the handling.cfg file. I just wanted to know why modifying just the model would affect the way the car performs - I had thought that handling was determined by the handling.cfg, and if I did not change it, handling would remain the same. Could it be something having to do with the physics engine (i.e having a differently shaped vehicle would affect performance that is not determined in handling.cfg) ?

Thanks for your help

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I see. In that case would there be any way to compensate for it, or to override the way the physics engine behaves normally? You mentioned that the engine detects 'wrong values' - what did you mean by that?

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I NEVER replace any handling.dat lines or weapon.dat lines when changing the vehicles. I like how they act already.

The reason for the handling change is probably to do with the .dff of the vehicle. Since it's a different shape, it will move differently. I'd suggest changing the values yourself (if you feel you can). You could read the handling.dat file that the readme gives you and edit the ones that matter. As for me, I like to keep the vehicle speed in most occasions. Otherwise I may find myself banned from SAMP :P

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