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windows live will not update


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Vista -

When I load GTA it tells me to sign in.. so I do.. then it says there is an update for windows live. When it trys to update the bar gets to like 99% then it stops there. I have GTA on the exceptions list.

What gives? I bought GTA 24 hours ago and am yet to play a game that I can actually save.

(having to sign up is ridiculous to begin with, for a non-multiplayer game)

Any solutions, greatly appreciated... otherwise I'm taking this game back and buying Crysis.

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Just as a forward note if it still dont work, sometimes, even after getting the latest build of GFWL, it can still try and update and not work, to fix that you have to download the lastest patch for the related game, something I found out after having this problem myself. And after chris being right and MS buggering my GPU drivers and i updated today from Nvidia and it worked, and it didnt yesterday, thanks chris for telling me to turn off Auto updates, :D

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