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Cant go online as I changed my weaponinfo.xml

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So, Heres the scoop.

I am using the desert eagle grenade launcher mod that requires me to change my weaponinfo.xml

So I updated the file through Spark IV.

Also I have FileCheckFix.asi with the asi loader in my Grand Theft Auto IV.

When I try and log in online I receive a message saying I cant go online with modded files. Or something to that effect.

I was able to go online with some vehicle mods that I edited some files by using spark IV.

Anyone have a fix for this issue. I am lost here.

Thanks. :coolthumbup:

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Well unfortunately NO mods that I know of work with version 1.0.5 of the game, and you can't get on XBOX Live unless you update.

Every update Rockstar releases focuses on updating the EXE and disabling mods.

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Anyone have this same issue? >.<

Someone help please.

As no one is helping :pissed:

Here - http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-iv/tools/1860

If u know how to mod you should know how to replace this file lol :lolbounce:

I dont even own GTA IV yet on pc but i know this lol...

I just mod on xbox live were not many people can :hurrhurr:

You welcome :thumbsup:

And how exactly do you get that working?

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