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Huckleberry Pie

A software license I wrote.

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I did this in response to the GNU license being too long and boring. It may require some revisions, though, but here's my own license:

CLEAN N' SIMPLE LICENSE - Version 1, 25 August 2009

Copyright 2009 Huck Jones and contributors.

You don't need to read a truckload full of EULA yada-yada. This was intentionally written in tongue-in-cheek so as not to make this agreement boring.

Feel free to redistribute, fork or modify the software in whole or in part, but remember to credit me and my fellow contributors for doing something epic. Claiming as the one who originally made the software is unethical and discouraged, too.

This work is distributed with no warranties of any kind to the extent allowed by the law. We know what it feels like when your computer crashed while using this software, but at least nobody cares as long as you're determined to fix it, or give us any tips on how to address any known bugs.

I tried making this as short as possible so as to make the user enjoy at reading the terms, and in order to prevent any cruft or unnecessary clauses.

Feel free to use this in your mods or software... God Bless and enjoy... :lol:

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Pretty good. I liked the way how you kept it all easy...BTW what do you need to do with a license agreement ? Are you gonna make software ?

Yep, I'm into making mods and software. I know the GPL gives a lot of freedom for open-source advocates, but I would like to see something simpler.

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