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fave sport

what is your fave sport ?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. what is your fave sport ?

    • football
    • rugby
    • basketball
    • A.football
    • baseball
    • hocky
    • sking/snowbording
    • skatebording
    • golf
    • tennis

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Nascar is one of them things that you love or hate. Like I tell all the non believers, there's more to it than going around in circles

[sarcasm]Yeah theres also ovals. <_< [/sarcasm]

Nascar isnt a sport. Racing would be the sport, Nascar is the specific series or whatever. Like the NFL, you dont go down the street with your friends playing football and say "Yeah, we're playing NFL!". Nascar is pointless, and boring to watch((unless Jeff Gordon crashes, even though the fuckin asshole barely dodges just about EVERY CRASH!!!)).

BTW Pyro, its ecstatic, ecstacy, etc. you get the point.

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Rugby is for British fags. Football (the real American one) is the best in my opinion.

I'd prefer too watch Rugby, it looks pretty interesting.

British fags?

wtf? I dont think there would ever be a gay rugby player, they'd be too scared

you pussies in America where so much protection to make yourselves look big, whereas rugby players (and not only in England but all over the world) ARE big and strong and tough and stuff, they get hurt pretty bad, and dont give a shit about it either.

and yeah rugby is interesting, but I don't play it, i'm not built that way -_-

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