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Fake GTA4 Screen & PS3 Shots

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Inspired by talk of a new GTA game for PS3, avid fake screen constructor MVI has made a new screen with his take on what the gallery feature will look like, and in my opinion it's a pretty good representation.


Click for the fake screens page

In case you haven't yet seen what the PS3 is probably going to look like, here are some pictures of a fridge door with dildos for controllers:

ps3_01_th.jpg ps3_02_th.jpg ps3_06_th.jpg ps3_07_th.jpg

Pictures are actually real and are found on E3.PlayStation.com

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PROBABLY going to look like? They got their first hardware like a week ago. That is what it looks like.

There's a disclaimer on the website which states console designs and images are liable to change. Which is why I said 'probably' so if it is changed I don't make an ass of myself.

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