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GTA bringbacks

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What are some stuff in GTA3 or VC that was not in SA, and you want them back for the next GTA.

heres mine:

- when i shot a gun in GTA 3 or VC, it had a cool spark from the tip of the gun, and it faded away slowly. In SA, it looks so 2D and cartoony, and it just dissapeared right after unless you kept shooting.

- Cops should use spike strips agian.

- return the hardware stores, and bring back all the melle weapons that were in Vice City, i miss the hammer.

- the cop uniform should allow you to go into restricted places like in VC.

- health pickups should be at hospitals and scattered around the area agian.

- the bus should have the school bus look agian.

- when a bus reversed in GTA3 and VC, it had a beep beep beep sound, but none in San Andreas.

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Spike strips are a good idea . It would make the police harder to evade .

Well since you can use vending machines and eat at restraunts they is not as much need for health pickups .

I hope they make an updated version of the M-16 and that sniper rifle in vice city .

The chainsaw should have a real use .

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-the landstalker should have the easy flipping ability agian, because that is how real SUVs act.

-when i pick up a weapon the same class, it should have the message to press L1 agian.

-weapons should have the weapon class color glow agian.

-bring back lazer sniper, and all the original weapon names.

- when i pick up ammo, it should have the click sound.

-more colour in the hud like in Vice City.

-airports should be enterable like Vice City.

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-mabye a classic up-down view like in GTA3.

-When im using Peds Riot Cheat, they should have very strong weapons like rocket launchers like in GTA3.

-there should be a taxi outside the hospital/jail when you die on a mission like in Vice City.

-One specific type of ped should drive a taxi, not random peds.

-when i cut people with a helicopter blade or a chainsaw, there should be blood on the screen, and when i fall into the water, there should be water on the screen like Vice City.

-pizza delivery and ice cream side missions agian.

-strong gangs lke in GTA3.

-Some gang members should be by themselves like in GTA3.

-When i killed someone, went a little far away, then came back, i should see a white lines shaped in a body where thier corpse used to be. Bring that back

-newspapers and leaves should be floating in the wind like in GTA3 and Vice City.

-All the RCs should be in mini games like Vice City.

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-when i cut people with a helicopter blade or a chainsaw, there should be blood on the screen, and when i fall into the water, there should be water on the screen like Vice City.

Although that did look good, it was a bit fake. Alot of people want realism, how is liquid hitting an invisible barrier realistic?

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The thing with CJ, Vercetti and 'Fido' is that, although they are criminals (CJ not so much), we always feel that they are the good guys, and if something happens against our character, we feel sorry for them, as if they're being treated unfairly. I mean, why should we be locked up for 4 seconds and transported to the nearest police station six hours later when we've only killed thousands od people, incited racial hatred, and smashed up loads of cars? Its just not fair!

Thats why I think the Vice City theme was better suited to that aspect, the cheery optimistic outlook seemed to work. The problem with Vice City is that it was too flat - not just in terrain - but if you played it for six months, you knew the game off by heart and you rule the roost. Whenever I play Vice now, I can do whatever I want and go wherever I want. I want to bring back the days where I thought "oo - whats that" or "omg - an FBI car - wow" or "where the f*ck am I?!?!". I'm getting sick of how familiar I am with it, and how much power I have there.

In a future GTA game, I'd like to see the city being about the right size as the player. Liberty City was too big for him (the character couldn't conquer it) and Vice was too small (too easy). I haven't played SA in enough depth yet to say what thats like, but I still get the feeling that CJ would end up just being respected and feared by all, although the balance is better.

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There should be a distinction between a clean part of a city and a dirty part of a city. Trash, overgrown grass. Definitely bring back weapon class, they should bring back spike strips and the taxi that brings you back to your last mission. I liked how in vice city you could simply purchase assets and not have to win them in a mission. A comment on this mafia business, If i wasn't filled up enough of the mafia scene with GTA I would wait for The Godfather game coming out soon.

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You're absolutley right there, even if Liberty City Stories did somewhat spoil that story, you have a point about it only covering three cities (one of which was a state).

Brand new is the order of the day, but perhaps a few legacys will remain. We all know Rockstar love their easter eggs and cross-references to previous games, I don't think GTA4 will steer away from that.

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