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Pleasure Domes Purple bug!

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Hi, I've got a weird problem with my SA. For some reason every texture inside the Pleasure domes is purple, and it makes the mission "Ice cold killa" almost impossible to complete. It might be connected with another bug I have where in some areas arond dawn (between ca 4:30 and 5:30) all textures turns blue. That bug is anoying, but I usually just wait a minute for the sun to rise and everything to turn back to normal. But I can't do that inside the Pleasure Domes... If anyone knows anything, please tell me!

I'll attach images so you can see what I mean.

My specs are:

AMD Athlon XP64 dual 3800+, both processors clocking in at 2.00 GHz,

2 Gb of ram,

Geforce 6600 GT with 128 Mb of memory,

Running Windows XP 64-bit, fully updated,

All drivers fully updated,

I'm running the mod SRT3 as well as Streammemfix and 10x draw distance.



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Actually that glitch is as old as... Steam? :P Kidding but sometimes that happens out of nothing, it's a known glitch. And just install the Stream memory fix. SRT doesn't need to be uninstalled, only in last case. The textures are so big and HD that it needs stream mem fix.

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