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Kanye interrupted the Tip-Top Club party; looks silly, but it had to be done:


"Sorry if I interrupted your party, but..."


"...I'm proud of you and I'm going to let you finish but Beyonce won the Best Video of All Time, OF ALL TIME!"

As seen in, well, Strawberryland:


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Do you ever masturbate while looking at Strawberry Shortcake pictures Huck?

I didn't make it, a friend of mine did. And we did that over sarcasm and discontent over the new series, of which we somehow loathe. Besides, it's all for the lulz, Strawberry or otherwise.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

"Yo Niko, I'm proud of you and I'll let you finish, but Mafia II's the best gangster game of all time! THE BEST GANGSTER GAME OF ALL TIME!!"

Pictures after the break... :lol:

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