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As far as I knew, there wasn't a way but after doing a Google search on the topic, I found a tool that someone made on GTAForums that can get rid of it. Click Here.

I haven't used this my self but some say it contains a Trojan while others say its a false alarm from your anti-virus. I'm not sure my self but it could be like some trainers that do something like this since its changed the .exe file. Anyways, its up to you if you want to use it or not. If your you worried about the virus that could be or not be in there, then I suggest don't downloaded it.

I'll probably look more up about removing the Motion Blur by another way when I get home later tonight.

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Don't worry, many people hate motion blur, so there are should be many solutions.

I've used this. It's part of a trainer, named San Andreas Camera Hack. The option to disable motion blur is in the Display menu. It has several other features though. Note that I have experienced something where the screen gets stretched/squeezed.

There's this. It's called Performance Tweaking Tool. Some comments say it's a virus but it could be a false positive... Haven't tested, etc.

Also, something called SA Limit Adjuster. It's supposed to change things, values, etc. I think you're supposed to set Vertgio to 0? I don't know, I haven't tested.

See here, or here for info.

I've taken quite a bit of time to write this and search for these tools, so I hope you enjoy as well as any others. :)

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After doing a search just on GTAForums, I did find something else to do with the motion blur.Motion Blur Advanced.

Its supposed to improve graphics but you can also configure the motion blur as its one of the Mod's features, so you may be able to remove the blur this way. I would try it my self but I'm not on my computer at the moment that has San Andreas installed. So try this out but make sure you make a back up of your San Andreas folder.

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