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Useful Gaming Links

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Useful Gaming Links

This section is to help supply people with a number of useful links leading to:

  • the top 3 gaming news sites for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC
  • the best cheat websites for games
  • where to find walkthrough's in case you are stuck in a game
  • reviews for all games
  • the current best selling games for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC

Top Gaming News Sites






  • Major Nelson - Official and latest Xbox news reported 24 hours a day.
  • Team Xbox - Reports latest Xbox news and also provides reviews on the latest games.
  • Gamespot - Official and latest Xbox news. A good reliable source.




  • Official Nintendo Site - Reports the official Nintendo news from Nintendo's own site.
  • Wii News - Official and latest Nintendo news. Also provides reviews on the latest games.
  • WiiPlus - A good source for Nintendo news. Also has reviews of the latest Nintendo games.




  • Total PC Gaming - Reports all latest PC related gaming news and helps new PC gamers.
  • IGN - Dedicated section for PC gaming news and latest releases.
  • CVG - Covers all PC related gaming news and new releases.


General Gaming News Sites:


Top Cheat and Walkthrough Sites

  • GameFAQ's - One of the best cheat websites and also has a large range of walkthrough's.
  • Games Radar - Has all of the latest cheats and also has a good amount of guides.
  • Super Cheats - Large amount of cheats and walkthrough's.
  • Cheat Happens - Large amount of cheats and walkthrough's.


Top 10 Current Best Selling Games

  • VGChartz - Reports the current worldwide best selling games and best selling hardware sales.
  • GamePlay UK - Current best selling and most pre-ordered games in the UK.


Top Game Review and Trailer Sites

Also remember that gaming news is frequently posted in the general gaming forum and if you see something that seems quite important then feel free to make a topic about it. Or if you are having trouble with a game and cannot find what you are looking for here then make a topic asking about it and someone will most likely answer it for you.

If you have any suggestions about new sections for this topic or additional links then please leave a post.

Thanks to Chris, Ivan and Sтεαм for supplying me with some links.

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