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Uncharted 2 deals?

The Bossman

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I'm looking for the cheapest links to Uncharted 2, UK links only, if you have any. I've looked at 7 sites, and they're all about £39.99 on there, apart from one link which was £37.96. If there aren't any links, then don't worry, I'll just get the special edition for £40 from GAME. Either way, I'll be pre-ordering it tonight.

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I find it annoying I can't edit the topic title, because I want to change it to just Uncharted 2, but whatever. Anyone else bought the game yet? I got mine on the 15th October via pre-order, day before release, and it's quite frankly amazing. The step-up from Uncharted 1, and its sequel, is crazy. The snow levels and graphics are among the best ever made, better than Killzone 2, Gran Turismo, etc. wish I had an HDTV to properly appreciate them, I will at some point. Actually I think my TV is beginning to die as well, but that's for another time.

The opening of the game, as seen in the teaser trailer, has you in a train carriage hanging off the edge of a cliff, and you have to carefully manouevere your way to the top. At points, things will snap and break when you're climbing on them, eg a pipe, and you'll fall down and have to climb up again. It's very tense. :D When you do reach the top, you pick up the artifact in the snow that was in the trailers, then promptly collapse, and it flashes back about 4 months earlier, where the real story begins. I won't reveal much else, but like in the original game, there's you and 2 other people on a carribean island, plotting out an adventure to inflitrate a lightly guarded museum to steal an object that someone has requested.

As for enemies, they're mostly lightly armoured and can be taken down with a few bullets, but when you encounter 2 specific guards, 1 with a shotgun and a few layers of armour, and another with a gatling gun and masses and masses of armour, impossible to penetrate with your weapons, you have to find another way of defeating them. Last point, there's a stunning point in the game where you're supposedly lost, and have to follow a guide who saved your life, who can't speak a word of english. This leads to the best snow graphics in a videogame ever, and the best graphics, period.

I cannot say in words how amazing this game is. The mostly perfect scores given to the game so far are absolutely correct. You can replay this game over and over and it'll still feel fresh.

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