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The Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer details


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Rockstar have updated the official site with details of updated multiplayer modes (which you can read about below) as well as 10 brand new screenshots.

RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP001.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP002.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP003.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP004.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP005.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP006.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP007.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP008.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP009.jpg RSG_TBoGT_Screenshot_MP010.jpg

Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch have the following features added:

  • health and armor bonuses for ending kill streaks, as well as money
  • Make an extra $25 for every assisted kill. You can also earn money for ending other players' kill streaks.
  • New locations, vehicles and weapons (including the parachute) are also available.

Race and GTA Race information and screenshots will be coming soon, as will a video showing it all off.

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