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PS3 or XBox 360


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Well if you're after free online play, the PS3 is pretty much top for that, but if you want to get quality online gaming, then Xbox it is too, but you have to pay for the online, ofcourse.

And it will also depend on the games you like playing, most games are pretty much multi-platform (Call Of Duty, GTA 4 etc.).

For me, personally I prefer the PS3, because I've had a PS1, PS2 and a PSP. I'm also use to the pad now (Before I wasn't use to it since I never played games alot on it). And because the online's free on the PS3, I don't need to worry about paying for it. But mainly, there are alot of exclusives coming for the PS3, some which look very promising from where I stand.

But if price does matter, Xbox is cheap, PS3 is quite expensive. If your willing to buy a PS3, go for it, but if you're on the cheap side of things, get the Xbox 360.

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I have both so I think I'm qualified to help you out.


Good exclusives( Mass Effect, Gears of War, the Halos,etc..) However, if you have a good PC pretty much all of these are available to you. It's also good for exclusive DLCs.

The online is payed, and you have to pay for an adaptor as well, the good news is that the service is pretty cool so you sort of get your money worth it.

It's not exactly a cheap console because you'll probably want to get an Elite which has a lower failure rate than the normal 360, making it actually more expensive than the PS3.


A very nice list of exclusives( MGS4, Demon Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, Uncharted,etc...) plus the upcoming ones like Heavy Rain and GOW 3.

The online is free and the service is pretty decent.

The new PS3 slim is sort of cheap, that's the one you should get if you end up buying a PS3. Please not that it still doesn't play ps2 games which is a bummer to be honest.

So if I were you, I'd definitely get a PS3.

Honestly, I'm much happier with it than my 360.

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My personal opinion would be the PS3, mainly because I own a PSX, PS2, PS2 Slim, a PSP and PS3. The online gaming is free, you get a *free* Blu-Ray player as well, and most of the games on 360 are on PS3 as well. The downsides are that downloads take a while on the PSN, there aren't that many exclusives, and it's rather expensive, although a lot cheaper than it used to be - £400! The 360 offers good value for money, with a huge back catalogue of games and a large amount of exclusives like Halo, Project Gotham Racing and Mass Effect, along with a superior online service, although you have to pay to use that. They also have the forthcoming Splinter Cell Conviction game as an exclusive. Downsides, obviously the RROD is a big sticking point and is the biggest downside. I suppose the console is rather noisy and I saw on Watchdog that if you move the console when it's on and it has a disc inside, it will scratch the disc, and Microsoft will say it's your fault. The same might apply to PS3 as well.

It's down to personal preferance. If you've owned a PS before and are interested in the PS3, then get it. If you fancy a change, then try the 360.

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If you also want to use it as a computer then PS3 seems like the best choice as you don't have to pay to use the internet explorer etc. However the 360 has MSN Messenger which is awesome.

Honestly, I'd buy whatever console most of your friends have or are going to get as if your looking for good online gaming then both consoles do the exact same things really. Good online play is nothing without a good bunch of friends to play with which is why I'd suggest getting either what your friends already have or are going to get in the future.

As far as single player games go though I'd say definitely go for the PS3 in my opinion as it's got a large amount of great up-coming exclusives and seems to be popular in the eyes of game developers at the moment. I suggest going into a game shop or going on the internet and just looking at all of the games for each console though as then you can see which console has games that you'd most likely prefer. If you want a few sites to look at then you can find plenty for both consoles in this topic.

Hope I helped.

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BTW, as a side-note, if you do get a PS3, and this applies to everyone here who has a PS3, DON'T USE THE INTERNET BROWSER. This led to me nearly losing all my data, and also on another forum, someone posted yesterday saying the same thing happened on his friends PS3 - they were browsing the web on the PS3, then a blue screen came up in a foreign language, and then it was as if the PS3 had just been plugged in for the first time. It said - insert the cable into the controller', like it does for the first time you set up your PS3. All your account details will be lost - when you turn on the PS3, by the side of each account you have, a star will be beside it. The log-in details for PSN will be lost. If you try to re-enter your details, they won't work. So, make a new account, click 'sign-up for Playstation Network', then click 'use existing account', then enter your details again and you'll have your account back. I'd advise everyone with a PS3 to write down both their e-mail adresses for every account, and their passwords, in case this happens to you. As far as I'm aware, this only happens when you use the PS3 internet browser. It shouldn't happen with any other program on PS3.






Additionally, I'd also steer clear of changing your Audio settings, because apparently that could lead to the same blue screen, or even worse, a 'red screen of death', which is very hard to fix. At that point, sending it to Sony is the only option.

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ITT i predict a mass fanboyism and flaming.

Duh, it's impossible to avoid on the internet.

I know in America, at least, the slim PS3 has come out. It's only 300 dollars, and to me looks a hell of a lot better than the bulky cheap-whore looking original.

The only thing I'm going to say is Little Big Planet. That game is so fun with friends.

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@ WRX22B1998, I don't have an 80GB, I have the 40GB version, but I'll upgrade the hard-drive in the near future. Had it since April 2008, and went online for the first time in June or July 08, I believe. I've had no problems with it, apart from a few occasional niggles like the blue screen thing and occasionally discs not reading.

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i would go for the ps3 for these reasons: It has built in wifi so you wouldn't need to connect it directly to an Ethernet cable if you have a wireless router. The PSN (playstation Network) is free to all playstation owners, and is great for online play. also the psn has the playstation store which is great for downloading free demos, videos, trailers, wallpapers and themes and psn games which only cost you little. Go and search more on the internet, many websites should have discounts in xmas time.

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For my point of view PS3 is the best because its predecessors is its unified online gaming service, other major features of the console include its robust multimedia capabilities connectivity with the PlayStation Portable, and its use of a high-definition optical disc format, Blu-ray Disc, as its primary storage medium.

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Just to update this, I first bought a used PS3, so I have a PSN account even though I sold my PS3 to pay the bills, I had to buy an Xbox to keep gaming and I went through 4 of them thanks to RRoD which I invited at first in attempt to fix the issue myself. Two parted Xboxes initially got me several months of play and a stack of games, and I still hope to be PS3 in the future, if there is one?!?!?

Xbox at the used price is $120 or so USA. And I find that quite better then the $300 for PS3 still.

My idea was to buy the PS3 based on long term use of PS as my own opinion was the PS controller like you, very easy to associate with, however, with GTA's familiar controls, the Xbox360 one adapted easier then I thought and initially felt bigger.

But now feels somewhat small in my hands! I also have to submit my Gamertag so you can see me online as well, I'm SlammanGrande.

Set up the Gamertag after my old one faltered. It is signed up for use but I can't get it working (TheGMmadman)

I would prefer to revamp my new Gamertag to GrandeSlamman, and yeah, the name had some bearing on my fondness for Red Dead Redemption. Tried tying it in loosely

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