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Hello guys,

Well this forum hasn't been as active as it was back a while ago. So I was thinking to myself, what do you guys think needs to be improved? To make this part of the forum feel more popular.

Your feedback is a pretty important for me, anything you guys have to say, I may look into. The feedback can be based on anything here, whether there needs to be a graphics tournament, or any way to draw those who are new into this part of the forum etc.

So yeah, please do respond if you do reply here quite so often.



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The Epic PS help thread has many links in it, we can add on there itself right? Or even better, we have a GFX devoted "TGTAP's Fat Ass Graphics Resources Topic"...

What? Hope that was sarcasm.

I know there are similarities, but I thought it would be better to split up some of the resources so that the topic in particular doesn't get cluttered up with too much stuff. I thought of it like this:

The topic I'm creating won't be supporting everything like Epic PS Help Thread. Mine will only be storing certain bits, such as brushes, techniques, useful tutorials etc.

Hopefully If I can think a little further, I may be able to expand the topic itself.

Of course, here I'm suggesting, not applying, yet.

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Unless you'd like to make the topic get cluttered up (An example).

Now I'm not going against what you said there. I can see that placing all of it in one topic will do, but if you look at the downside of it, it's WAY too much. If you're organised, then making separate topics will not only make it easier, but at least you won't need to scroll down alot. I just think taking this action will make things alot more easier to go through, rather than go through one long page, it's pointless.

The PS Help Thread is there for those who want help, considering that is the point in the topic. But the topics I'm creating are only for contributing resources, not asking for help on it. At this point, if you need help with it, the PS Help Thread comes into play. The tutorials will most likely come into a different topic as well. It makes less complications arise, and is more friendlier.

If you're ICT literate, then sometimes it's essential that you make things organised, rather than chuck it into one topic. This sort of system is what you do with files and folders on Windows XP/Vista/7. Without this, it just makes things harder for me, and harder for those wanting to learn.

Hopefully you realise what I'm trying to make out. If you don't fully understand, just tell me.

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