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[REL] Police Pursuit Mod


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Hello guys, just wanted to share my mod with you guys.

This mod allows players to take on the role as a Police Officer conducting police pursuits. The mod focuses on police pursuits mainly at this time because I love police chases and so I decided to create a mod that suits my needs instead of using other peoples mods that only achieve half of my goal. Apon creating it I was told others others may benefit from it so here it is... Please keep in mind this mod is at beta stage. It has been tested on Patch 2 and works fine! Please reports bugs to author email or website thanks! (Current version: 1.0 beta)

[uPDATE] I have now tested this mod on and and the mod itself is working perfectly. I cannot say the same for a working ASI loader for these versions. It took me about 3 different ASI Loaders before I could get the game to load ASI mods. I will determine a working one and attach it with my mod to make life easier for you.

Any new developments or changes will be posted on the mods homesite. http://mods.team-neo.com Moderators if by posting this link I have violated any rules remove the link and/or post if you must.


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Really wish I could test this (I've been working on a police-themed main.scm conversion for a while) but my computer won't run GTA without stalling. It'd be interesting to see how it works. I've wanted to get some knowledge on C++ enough to make .asi mods for San Andreas but I can't really get past the simple stage of making a command prompt screen with input, math and output... Lol. Anyway, if I ever get my PC fixed I'll check it out ;)

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