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Headless Cops, Army..... AWOL Army Passengers

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This has been happening ever since I have been playing San Andreas.. I really have never bothered to post about it tho. It is both PlayStation and Pc versions.. This occurs a lot more often in the pc game then it ever did in the PS2 version. It is not a problem that I want to get rid of, just something I never bothered to ask others about.

Sometimes I shoot cops, army, before they get a chance to exit there vehicles, and they sit there slumped over headless. You cannot steal the police cruiser due to the doors still locked, same with the Rhino. However if you move or runaway the police cruiser will stock you as well as the rhino, but even if you can get far enough away from the police cruiser he will catch up and stop, on the other hand the rhino will just run you over and then sit on top of you.

I can take out the passenger of the police cruiser, they sit there slumped over, without a head, and I will allow the drive to live and exit then steal the police cruiser, and drive around with a headless passenger.

Sometimes I will let the passenger sit there and the cruiser, wait for a while then open the passengers door, and CJ smashes his headless, head, into the dashboard with blood squirting from his neck, from the time CJ grabs him then drags him out of the car.

And the other goofy (I guess glitch) is when I get the army barracks trucks, sometimes the passenger gets out first and attcks you, other times he will stay in the truck and after the driver gets out, he will open the passenger door, get back in slide over to the driver seat and take off.

This AWOL coward goes even further then that, if the barracks gets destroyed he will steal any vehicle, Rhino, or a vehicle driving by, he has stolen an Ambulance, and a Fire Truck, just runs up drags them out, and off he goes.

It will also happen with the passenger of the police cruiser, but it is rare for the cops to it. Same as the army coward, will sit there and let the driver get out of the cruiser, take the cruiser to bail out of the standoff, even steals other vehicles if the cruiser is destroyed.

I know it is sad to now ask or mention this years after the game came out for PS2 and PC, but it was something I really did not get to see in forum topics. This is, or was, just for a good chuckle, and maybe get some replies on this!!

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There's no sinking sand in Santa Maria, it's just a glitch.Probably that ped just spawned inside the sand, or it can happen when you drive or him.

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