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Typography tips?


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Haha helvetica > all. Seriously. didn't think you'd have seen it Chris :/

If you need to mix things up, try playing with the tracking (F5 i think is character tools) then play with the stuff there, you can bunch text up, span it right out, adds alot more versatility to a single typeface.

If helvetica stops floating your boat, try stuff like myriad pro and futura, also great typefaces.

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Have you ever thought about checking font sites out? I mean, ones that you have to register on. I was looking for the MGS2 font, although I couldn't find it, I eventually found this site (Think it was called FontStruct) and found it, but there was way, way more fonts I could of used, and yeah, alot were good ones.

Usually you have pay for fonts, but these sites are free, I mean, there fonts... -_-

Also, why not try playing around with the texts properties? Usually it's located near the colour palette for the text (That's on the top-right corner on PS). And as well, try warping your text, make it different from other straight looking text, you never when you'll find the right sort of layout for it.

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